Nihalani, Uncensored

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Pahlaj Nihalani’s entrance to a press discussion of his latest venture, Julie 2, was scarcely derailed by a toddler tripping in front of him. But a former authority of a Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) strode into a Grand Ballroom of JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu, to a sound of cameras clicking roughly as aloud as a child’s wails. During a press conference, a organisation of blonde dancers shimmied to a lane from a film, a trailer was shown, and no earlier than Nihalani — dressed in a pinkish shirt and purple checked coupler — took a microphone, questions came drifting from all sections of a room, quick and furious.

“The trailer and demeanour of this film is utterly bold. If we were still a CBFC chairman, how many cuts would we have issued?” came a initial storm from a womanlike reporter. Nihalani demurred and said, “I’m no longer in that role, so whoever is will confirm how many cuts to issue,” before adding, “I would have not given this film a singular cut, we would only give it an A-certificate, as it is a really purify film, there are no damn difference in it.”

He went on to say, “I am really blissful that after shouldering such a responsibility, we have returned to placement and production, and everybody is fervent to know because we am compared with this film. Especially after a media tagged me as a sanskaari male — because this film? You all haven’t watched this film and we consider it’s an amorous picture, though each film has a possess framework. The film courtesy is a dream, and how does one feel when one’s dreams do not come true? we listened a story from executive Deepak Shivdasani during a suspicion theatre and suspicion it was novel. The film is an eye-opener, formed on loyal incidents of a film courtesy and a work culture. Deepak has unprotected a industry.”

The story of a beautiful, determined star (played by south actor, Raai Laxmi, in her Bollywood debut) who is exploited by a film industry, and is clearly a plant of a barbarous casting couch, Nihalani described Julie 2 — that he is distributing — as an “adult family film”, by that he meant that all a adult members of a family can watch it together. “There is no vulgarity in a film. we am sanskaari, a dirt of India has sanskaar, and though sanskaar, we are nothing,” he said, as some sections of a assembly audibly sniggered, while his supporters, combining a side nearby a doors, cheered loudly.

Moments of a press discussion descended into a cheering compare between certain mediapersons and Nihalani. But a former authority of a CBFC took it in good humour, and before a final doubt was asked, Nihalani rose from his chair to impersonate Shah Rukh Khan’s obvious open arms pose, destined during a publisher he could not spot. His grin died down fast when a doubt was asked: How did a “lady-oriented” story such as a one in Julie 2 benefit his attention? “I know because we are observant this. All we can tell we is that, there is no burkha here,” he said.

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