Nicole Curtis Still Breastfeeds Her Almost 3-Year-Old Son But Says Less Frequently These Days

For Nicole Curtis and her 34-month-old son, the time for breastfeeding has nonetheless to end.

The Rehab Addict star, 41, tells PEOPLE she is still breastfeeding Harper, who turns 3 in May and continues to cosleep with her.

Curtis reveals she produces divert for her youngest child, yet she breastfeeds him reduction frequently as a outcome of her practicing baby-led weaning which has been a indicate of row via her years-long authorised tale with ex Shane Maguire.

Baby-led weaning is a use in which children who are still breastfeeding or holding a bottle are speedy to self-feed suitable finger dishes rather than being solemnly introduced to purées with a spoon.

According to a World Health Organization, disdainful breastfeeding for 6 months is a optimal approach of feeding infants. Thereafter, infants should accept interrelated dishes with continued breastfeeding adult to 2 years of age or beyond.

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Maguire, 54, initial asserted his parental rights when Harper was 6 months old and was awarded visitation dual days a week. Until that point, their child had been exclusively breastfed, forcing a HGTV personality, who is also mom to 20-year-old son Ethan, to find other feeding arrangements.

“He had never had a bottle before, and afterwards all of a remarkable that was his usually choice while he was with his dad. we had no thought that a decider could say, ‘You’re justice systematic to not feed your exclusively breastfed child,” Curtis told PEOPLE in Nov 2017 after Maguire indicted her of stability to breastfeed Harper as a approach to forestall him from removing time with his son.

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“It’s critical that children have both of their parents. But [preventing] me from breastfeeding my child only so he can see a father is not right,” she pronounced of a control conflict that began in 2015.

Curtis continues to urge her preference to breastfeed her toddler.

“Every singular day we have to continue critique about how my child is too aged to breastfeed,” she formerly stated. “But when he weans, it’s going to be his decision. we truly trust it’s a child’s choice.”