Nick Vallelonga: Green Book author contemptible for Muslim 9/11 tweet

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Nick Vallelonga (right) seemed with his Green Book co-writer Brian Currie and their Golden Globes

The author of Oscar-tipped film Green Book has apologised for a 2015 twitter in that he pronounced he saw Muslims in New Jersey celebrating a 9/11 attacks.

Nick Vallelonga tweeted his support for Donald Trump, who pronounced he had seen “thousands and thousands” entertaining – a explain that’s been widely discredited.

Vallelonga wrote that Mr Trump was “100% correct”, though has now pronounced contemptible “for a harm we have caused”.

He won a Golden Globe Award on Sunday, and a Oscars are now 6 weeks away.

  • Trump ‘wrong’ on 9/11 entertaining claims

Vallelonga wrote Green Book about a story of his father Tony Lip, who gathering black unison pianist Don Shirley by a US Deep South amid a injustice of a 1960s.

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Viggo Mortensen plays Vallelonga’s father in Green Book, with Mahershala Ali as pianist Don Shirley

Viggo Mortensen plays a driver, while Mahershala Ali, a Muslim, portrays Shirley. But a Oscar chances might be influenced by a fibre of new controversies.

Shirley’s family have criticised a film, observant it is filled with “lies”; co-writer and director Peter Farrelly has apologised after an aged talk flush in that he talked about flashing his genitals; and Mortensen has pronounced contemptible for regulating a N word in an interview.

The latest debate comes after a re-emergence of a twitter Vallelonga sent following a convene in Nov 2015, where Mr Trump – afterwards a presidential claimant – said: “I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were entertaining as that building was entrance down.”

Vallelonga wrote: “100% correct. Muslims in Jersey City entertaining when towers went down. we saw it, as we did, presumably on internal CBS news.”

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Nick Vallelonga (left), Viggo Mortensen (centre) and Brian Currie attended a National Board of Review Awards

There has never been any evidence to support Mr Trump’s explain that “thousands” distinguished after a attacks in 2001.

A shave has emerged of a WCBS correspondent during a time stating that military found 8 group celebrating in one building in New Jersey, though it did not uncover footage of a men.

In a matter reported by Hollywood Reporter, Variety and other sites, Vallelonga said: “I wish to apologise. we spent my life perplexing to move this story of overcoming differences and anticipating common belligerent to a screen, and we am impossibly contemptible to everybody compared with Green Book.

‘This doctrine is not mislaid on me’

“I generally deeply apologize to a shining and kind Mahershala Ali, and all members of a Muslim faith, for a harm we have caused. we am also contemptible to my late father who altered so most from Dr Shirley’s loyalty and we guarantee this doctrine is not mislaid on me.

“Green Book is a story about love, acceptance and overcoming barriers, and we will do better.”

Participant Media, that constructed a film, also expelled a matter saying: “We find Mr Vallelonga’s Twitter post offensive, dangerous, and antithetical to Participant Media’s values. We reject it in no capricious terms.”

La La Land author Jordan Horowitz was among those criticising a author on Twitter, job his comments “too disgusting”.

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Twitter post by @jehorowitz: Nick Vallelonga wrote Green Book. My courtesy only gave him a Golden Globe for writing. This stays on his timeline.Mahershala Ali is a Muslim, and a beautiful, inexhaustible and kind man. This is all only too disgusting. Image Copyright @jehorowitz

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Twitter post by @filmguy619: Given a Shirley family disowning a film, Viggo regulating a N-word, a Peter Farrelly story, and now Nick Vallelonga being anti-Muslim, I've turn some-more perplexed that GREEN BOOK is holding courtesy from some-more honourable films.Image Copyright @filmguy619

On Sunday, Vallelonga picked adult a Golden Globe for best screenplay alongside Farrelly and co-writer Brian Currie. The Golden Globes are among a pivotal precursors to a Oscars.

The controversies have come during a essential time in a Oscars competition – voting for a nominees non-stop on 7 Jan and closes on 14 January. The rite itself will take place on 24 February.

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