Nick Cannon Dating Mariah Carey’s “Twin” – America’s Got Talent Contestant Samantha Johnson is Ex-Wife Doppelganger?

Nick Cannon Dating Mariah Carey's Twin - America’s Got Talent Contestant Samantha Johnson is Ex-Wife Doppelganger?

Fresh off from his divorce from Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon is relocating on with Samantha Johnson. The America’s Got Talent horde reportedly has set his sights on dating a former 26 year aged AGT contestant, Samantha Johnson. But, here’s a kicker – Nick Cannon’s new partner Samantha looks like his ex-wife Mariah Carey’s doppelganger. And, Nick is totally wakeful that Samantha could pass as Mariah’s twin, as a matter of fact he has been bragging about it to all of his pals.

An inside source dished to Star Magazine, “Nick obsesses over how most Samantha resembles his ex. He has gotten a flog out of comparing their smiles.” The America’s Got Talent decider was rumored to have been hooking adult with Samantha while she was competing on a show, though she was voted off during a semifinals on Sep 1st. Nick and Samantha attempted to censor their relationship, though a insider adds that they did a terrible pursuit of doing so and everybody on set knew that they were hooking up.

So, possibly Nick Cannon is equivocal spooky with his ex-wife Mariah Carey – and now that here divorce is over he staid on a subsequent best thing. Or, he is distant some-more sparse than we primarily suspicion and he can’t wait to strut around his new partner Samantha Johnson to expostulate Mariah mad. Carey is uncertain as it is, a final thing she needs is her ex-husband hooking adult with a younger and hotter chronicle of herself. On a splendid side, when Nick has and Mariah’s twins over – they shouldn’t have any problem warming adult to a new lady in his life, saying as how they competence mistake her for their possess mother.

Do we consider it is uncanny that Nick Cannon is hooking adult with Mariah’s doppelganger? Does he indeed like her, or did he start saying her only since she looks like his ex-wife? Let us know what we consider we a comments below!