New Mom Whitney Port Gets Candid About Childbirth: ‘I Was Concerned’ About What Delivery ‘Would Do to Our Sex Life’

Whitney Port is stability her query to keep it genuine about new motherhood.

The Hills alum non-stop up recently about her feelings associated to her changing physique given giving birth to her baby child Sonny Sanford, 3 months on Friday. In a new vlog, she admits her fears started early in her pregnancy.

“I finished adult gaining 40 lbs., that we feel decent about,” says Port, 32. “I suspicion we was going to be one of those women that only gained a baby and gained like 25 lbs., though no. we motionless to suffer myself.”

The new mom recalls feeling intensely sick in her initial trimester, that led to eating a lot of carbohydrate-heavy foods. “So even if we wanted to try and eat healthy and not benefit weight, we couldn’t, since we was only perplexing to keep a revulsion from being so terrible,” she explains.

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Whitney Port

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Port says putting on weight was “hard” for her and “did not make me feel good about myself” — a side outcome that was “stressful” when she would go to get dressed for events.

And since welcoming her son, a emotions have gotten even some-more difficult, she says. “Having a vaginal smoothness changes all down there and that’s only something that’s unequivocally not discussed,” she notes. “What it’s indeed going to do, and that there’s a unequivocally prolonged liberation afterwards.”

“It’s unpleasant and uncomfortable. And along with carrying to take caring of a newborn, we also have a whole other conditions to take caring of,” Port divulges, adding that “Your bust change a lot.”

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The existence TV alum says she “had a lot of anxiety” leading adult to childbirth — and that afterward, she was disturbed about how a knowledge would impact her attribute with father Tim Rosenman.

“You’re pushing, for me, an eight-pound baby out of a small teeny hole, and we was apparently endangered about what that was going to do to a sex life,” Port recalls.

“If it would feel a same, if [Tim] would feel a same approach about me,” she adds. “I suspicion a lot about if [Tim was] captivated to me, and that was hard because we never was uncertain about that before.”