Neville WWE Status And RAW Rumor Updates, One Reason Why He’s Not Happy With WWE, More

Source: PWInsider

We’ve remarkable how mixed sources reported that Neville walked out of Monday’s RAW in Indianapolis after anticipating out that he would be losing to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore in a non-title categorical eventuality of a uncover that night. The compare finished adult carrying Kalisto better Enzo to turn a new champion though The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that a devise is to put a pretension behind on Enzo, presumably during a Oct 22nd TLC pay-per-view when he gets his rematch. It was also reported that Neville’s standing with a association was adult in a atmosphere though one source tighten to a conditions believed that he was finished.

In an update, PWInsider reports that their sources contend Neville never walked out of RAW as he was never backstage during a show, during any time on Monday. They also remarkable that Neville was creatively scheduled to work Enzo on weekend WWE live events though he was transposed by Mustafa Ali.

According to PWI’s report, a strange devise of Neville vs. Enzo was altered late in a day when it became famous that Neville would not be during a show. They also note that there was speak of doing a non-title compare after it was mentioned that Neville couldn’t accept a pretension shot due to a non-contact chapter from a week before. Apparently they went with putting a pretension on Kalisto as a approach to tie him to a bequest of WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero as it was Eddie’s birthday. Kalisto did make a twitter dedicating a win to Eddie and Rey Mysterio, and it was mentioned on RAW and in backstage Fallout video. Kalisto even perceived a congratulatory twitter behind from Rey, mentioning Eddie.

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Other sources news that Neville has pushed for a recover from a association with a thought of going to a indies and creation a name for himself outward of WWE, identical what Drew McIntyre did before he returned to WWE NXT. Neville has reportedly been unfortunate with several factors, including being left off a WrestleMania 33 DVD and receiving no royalties from what is customarily a best-selling WWE DVD of a year. Neville defended a WWE Cruiserweight Title over Austin Aries on a WrestleMania 33 Kickoff pre-show though all 3 pre-show matches were left off a chronicle of a DVD expelled in a United States.

PWI adds that Neville is still underneath agreement to a association and has not been released. However, WWE officials are not factoring The King of The Cruiserweights into any cruiserweight multiplication skeleton for a time being though it is probable that a dual sides come to terms and he earnings to action. Neville is also not being requisitioned for any arriving live events or TV events. We will keep we updated on his status.

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