Never Before Seen HIAC Match Featuring CM Punk And John Cena (Video), Cena

– WWE uploaded a never-before-seen Hell In A Cell compare above from a RAW dim compare in 2011. In a video, John Cena successfully shielded a WWE Championship in a Fatal 5-Way “Hell in a Cell” compare opposite CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Cena pinned Swagger for a victory.

Hardcore Gamer has a brief talk at this link with Bobby Roode, who was compelling WWE 2K18. In a interview, Roode was asked if he got to play a diversion as himself.

“Yeah, we was going to have a possibility to play as Tyler Breeze, though we ran out of time,” Roode said. “But it’s only like going to SmackDown and have a opening in WrestleMania.”

Bobby Roode On Almost Making NXT Debut With A Different Entrance Song

– Speaking of Cena, satirical news opening The Onion has a story here about Cena anticipating an aged brownish-red argyle singlet in his integument as he prepared for AutumnSlam. Below is an excerpt:

“I always adore when Oct comes around since we get to graze adult in my warm, friendly singlet and definitely destroy a integrate tighten challengers,” pronounced Cena while stealing his favorite V-cut wrestling uniform from a arthropod ball-filled chest before dire his nose opposite it and fondly recalling a memorable kick-outs and stepover toehold facelocks from AutumnSlams past. “Really, what’s improved than going adult to New England as a leaves start to change and jumping off a ropes with a fist dump to your opponent’s head? Man, I’m removing vehement only meditative about a comfortable apple cider obscurity Triple H always spits out after entering a ring.”

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