Nenjil Thunivirunthal executive Suseenthiran: A good blurb film should have a amicable summary in it

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Director Suseenthiran, who is famous for films such as Naan Maahan Alla, Pandiya Naadu, Azhagarsamyin Kuthirai, is behind underneath a spotlight. His film Nenjil Thunivirunthal featuring Sundeep Kishan and Mehreen Pirzaada expelled on Friday. The executive talks to about a reproduction of his characters and blurb success.

You have consistently delivered during slightest one film each year with usually one exception. How do we conduct it?

At a start, we struggled for 3 years to turn an partner director. we worked for usually dual cinema as an partner director. But we used to attend copiousness of discussions during that time. we contingency have discussed during slightest 200 scripts during these sessions. we used to feel bad behind afterwards that we couldn’t work many on sets since that was a some-more engaging part. But that helped me to write a book swiftly.

To generally finish a script, it takes about 6 months or one year if it’s a large one. And while one is essay it, they are firm to get sidetracked here and there. While it generally takes several days to realize this, we conduct to find my ensue behind within a day; interjection to a experience. Thus, we save time that way. we don’t take a lot of time to fire a book as well. It takes about 50-60 days for a normal film and 70-80 days if it is a impression formed story. When we have a clarity about what we need, any book can be finished quickly. we consider that is a reason because we have been means to finish 10 cinema in about 8 years.

How did a book of Nenjil Thunivirunthal germinate?

There are dual ways in that we ensue writing. One is where we start off with a deceptive idea. ‘People design a film like Naan Mahan Alla, so let’s write a punish story’ that was a initial suspicion behind Pandiya Naadu. Second is where we repair a story and afterwards start writing. Jeeva happened like that. Nenjil Thunivirundhal is from a former category. we started with an prolongation of Karthi’s impression from Naan Mahan Alla; a fun, light book that revolved around friends. Then we started to consider as what story we can build around afterwards and that’s how we arrived with Nenjil Thunivirunthal.

Your stories have always portrayed characters from a sold group (middle class), secure in nativity. Was this a unwavering decision?

This is a space we know a best. we changed to Chennai after we finished twelfth grade. we grew adult in a encampment and afterwards around 12 years of life in Chennai. After a while, my family changed to Chennai as well. Sadharna (Normal) core class. My cinema simulate that.

Even after we became a director, we continued vital in an apartment. we wanted to transport with a lives of other people. we always trust that a residence should be tiny as that is when faces get registered. If we have 5 rooms, we won’t even know where everybody is. we have grown adult in a ensue where my hermit and we during slightest eat one dish together. My laxity with that universe led my heroes to origin and live in a same. we consider that is a and for me. we always demur to collect concepts that we don’t know good as we feel one won’t be means to strech underneath a surface.

While your characters competence be from a sold category though your cinema are opposite opposite genres. Which genre do we find a many comfortable?

More than comfort, we consider sports is a genre we like a most. we like sports. Even essay a discourse about sports gives me energy. we can usually lay behind a monitor. After we hang adult fire for a day, we feel like personification for a while before streamer home. Same way, we get a appetite to go early to a spot, play a compare before shoot. When we was younger we used to start reading a journal from a last. It would be a sports territory initial and afterwards cinema next. we won’t even feel like going by a headlines.

This film is touted to be about friendship. This is a thesis that has always been partial of your movies. How are we doing it differently this time?

While this is a story that is formed on friendship, that is not a core of a story. There is a amicable summary in a film. There’s a amicable emanate that a film talks about and a outcome that it has on this loyalty will form a story. Only people who are competent to be in a position should be in it, irrespective of a attention either it is films or medicine etc. That is a categorical thesis of a film. Indirectly, it also talks about how dangerous it can be when someone non-professional for a role, gets it.

While Azhagarsamy Kuthirai won a inhabitant award, it wasn’t perceived good during a box office. How critical is a blurb success for a filmmaker?

‘Thairiyam varathu vera writer varadhu vera’ (Being confidant is opposite from removing financiers) A film like Naan Maahan Alla done certain that we could do film like Azhagarsamy Kuthirai. Jeeva happened usually after Panidya Naadu. The reason we aspire for blurb success is so that we continue creation good, healthy cinema. When we take a book like Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer, producers would be skeptical. It is a tough story even for lovers. Even if we have a courage to take a confidant story, there are a lot of factors that hinder. So, when we have blurb success, afterwards producers won’t consider twice.

One of a reasons behind people opting for bilinguals is that a costs can be lonesome with income from mixed markets. Was a reason to make Nenjil Thunivirunthal a bilingual?

To be honest, if we am means to recover my films in 4-5 languages, we can simply collect a income for these opposite films that we wish to do. After Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, films like Azhagarsamyin Kuthirai, Jeeva, Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer and Maaveran Kittu did not collect a lot of money. These are films that people appreciated and felt were good. They were called ‘good films’ and there is an assembly opposite a nation to conclude such content. we feel that one of a reasons is that we haven’t selected large stars to energy such films. Even now, we continue to work with artistes though also enhance my reach. Thus, we wish to make true films in all 4 southern languages and NT was a launchpad.

Was a casting done with this suspicion in mind?

Sundeep and we had designed to work parallelly during Jeeva. We attempted to make a film into a bilingual with Vishnu in Tamil and Sundeep in Telugu. Two days of sharpened had also happened. But we felt that it was tough for me to do a film with dual opposite artistes. So, we motionless not to ensue with it and we told Sundeep we will really work in a future. After Maveeran Kittu, both of us had a time and hence we motionless to collaborate.

What is your clarification of a good blurb film?

If a film embeds a good amicable summary in it along with blurb elements, that is a good blurb film for me. Indian, Gentleman, Bombay were examples of good blurb films. Dhool was also a good blurb film.

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