NeNe Leakes Addresses Her ‘Real Breakdown’ After Being Fired From Xscape Hosting Gig!

NeNe Leakes is still sorry.

NeNe Leakes is saying a consequences of her actions.

As we previously reported, a existence TV star was dismissed from hosting Xscape‘s reunion debate after revelation a womanlike heckler during a comedy uncover that she hopes she gets raped.

On Thursday, a Real Housewives of Atlanta expel member went on Instagram Live to speak about her new relapse following a backlash.

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She told viewers:

“A lot of people know me as NeNe who’s shouting and talking, a lot of don’t know me as NeNe who would mangle down. we indeed had a genuine breakdown. Trust and believe, I’m so okay, I’m in a good place today. we can’t contend we haven’t been in a good place these final few days. I’m so fine with everything, we only haven’t talked a lot or oral out a lot.”

It competence be for a best, generally as Kim Zolciak-Biermann has motionless to lawyer up over NeNe’s prior “racist” allegations from an separate matter.

The 49-year-old continued:

“Yesterday we got a small bit emotional. we have never pronounced anything that a heckler pronounced to me. All a girls on a debate with me know what happened. we devise on not vouchsafing anyone take my joy. we combined my possess uncover given we wanted to get out and demonstrate some of a things that we have inside of me.”

Also adding what it was a heckler yelled during her, a TV celebrity added:

“I don’t cruise myself a comedian, we always contend that. I’ve pronounced that given a day we initial started. we only cruise myself a shit talker, a humorous lady. we never illusory ever, ever, ever stepping on theatre and somebody screaming out ‘Go kill yourself’ to me. It literally took me somewhere else, we apologize. I’ve let that go.”

It’s doubtful NeNe will get her Xscape hosting gig back, though display her distress positively won’t harm matters.

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