Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s mother speaks adult on CDR controversy: He is a soothing target

nawazuddin siddiqui CDR controversynawazuddin siddiqui CDR controversy Nawazuddin Siddiqui mother wrote a note in preference of a actor and opposite a allegations on him.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui can be called a new debate child. After creation headlines for some intolerable revelations in his biography, a actor’s name has cropped adult for allegedly espionage on his wife. While a actor has rubbished a allegations, his mother Aaliya Siddiqui upheld her father and lent him support by a Facebook post. She wrote that his luminary standing has done him a soothing aim and shortly a law behind each claim would come in front.

In a prolonged post, Aaliya mentions, “Pichhle kai samay se small aur Nawaz ke baare mein kai tarah ki baatein media mein aati rahi hain, jinmein divorce se lekar Humaare saath na rahne jaisi kai baate kahi gai….. lekin kal se jo news disseminate ho rahi hai…. wo sound dono ke liye intolerable waali rahi aur mazboor hokar mujhe aaj apni khamoshi ko todna pada…. (Since a prolonged time, a lot has been pronounced about Nawaz in media, be it about a divorce or a seperation, though a reports that are doing rounds newly has repelled both of us. Hence, we had to mangle my overpower and pronounce about it.)”

Calling him trusting and someone who has always corroborated truth, Aaliya resolved that a law behind a CDR debate would shortly come out in open, “Rahi baat CDR se judi iss nai debate ki to, sachchaai jald sabke saamne aa jayegi. Bas categorical yahan itna hi kahungi ki Nawaz standard lagaaye gaye claim poori tarah se jhoote aur be-buniyaad hain. Celebrity file ke karan, unhein soothing aim banaya gaya hai. (As distant as CDR debate is concerned, a law will be out soon. we usually wish to contend that all these allegations on Nawaz are baseless. Because of being a celebrity, he is a soothing target.)

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The acclaimed award-winning actor has been indicted of espionage on his wife. His name cropped adult after a Thane police’s Crime Branch nabbed 11 persons, especially private detectives, who were concerned in a Call Detail Records (CDR) scam.

According to statements by some of a accused, Siddiqui had allegedly acquired CDRs of his wife’s phone by an disciple by employing a private sleuth to keep an eye on her contacts and whereabouts.

The military on Friday pronounced Nawazuddin has not responded to military summons in this matter. The Thane military is looking into a matter where people by employing private detectives conduct to entrance call annals of people.

(With inputs from IANS)

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