Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Say It’s ‘Healthy’ for Daughter Poppy to Share a Spotlight

Poppy is already a pro during assisting her dads Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent rug a halls — and soon, her small hermit Oskar Michael will be means to join in on a fun too.

In a shave from a new part of their TLC series Nate Jeremiah by Design, a spouses are shown decorating for Christmas for a initial time in their new home with their 3-year-old daughter as they wait a attainment of their second child.

After sweetly revelation her dads “Don’t harm yourself” as they mount on step ladders to prep a tree for decorating, Poppy marvels during a vast light-strewn icon.

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The integrate reveals their baby, who was afterwards on a way, will be a boy, with Berkus, 46, observant the energetic change will be “good for Poppy.”

“She’s been a core of a world for a final 3 years,” he adds. “And now she’s gonna have to share that attention, and we consider that’s healthy.”

“She’ll be good during it,” says Brent, 33.

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“This is a large impulse for us — it’s happening, and we can’t wait to accommodate a small guy,” Berkus says of Oskar, who was born 3 days after Poppy’s third birthday, on Mar 26.

“We’re dual group that had a opportunity, during a right time, a right place, a right people, to emanate a family on a terms,” shares Brent. “It’s special.”