Natasha Bedingfield Is Pregnant with Her First Child: ‘Becoming a Mum Is Something I’ve Always Dreamed of’

She’s never famous a “Love Like This” — until now!

Natasha Bedingfield and her husband, businessman Matt Robinson, are awaiting their initial child, a English cocktail star announced on Instagram Wednesday.

“Matt and we are anxious to share with we all that we are bringing a new small life into a world!” Bedingfield, 35, captioned a bump-baring print with her husband, whom she married in 2009. “We can’t wait to embark on this extraordinary tour together.”

The Sun was initial to news a news.

“Becoming a silent is ­something I’ve always dreamed of though for a prolonged time we felt it was approach off in a distance,” she told a U.K. news outlet. “Now a strike is starting to unequivocally show, it’s falling in that this is unequivocally happening. … I’m so vehement to welcome this outrageous life-change. And Matt is super supportive.”

Bedingfield rose to celebrity in 2005 following a recover of her entrance album Unwrittenthe LP’s pretension lane and singular “These Words” became Top 40 hits, as did 2008 follow-ups “Pocketful of Sunshine” and “Love Like This.”