Natalya On If She Prefers Being A Heel Or Babyface, Why NXT Match With Charlotte Was So Special

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Anyone who watches Natalya on Total Divas or follows her on amicable media knows her stream heel persona is a sheer contrariety from her honestly honeyed real-life personality. The reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion recently spoke to Planeta Wrestling about her career and most more.

Natalya is now a tip heel in SmackDown Live’s women’s division. She pronounced she has enjoyed both babyface and heel roles via her career, though she has a lot some-more fun personification a bad guy.

“Being a good man is most easier for me given we feel like it’s most some-more healthy for me to be a babyface and have to be smiley and holding selfies with a fans and removing everybody into it, being exposed when we need to be,” Natalya said. “But being bad is really, unequivocally fun. we unequivocally like being bad and we like a plea of creation a assembly disapprove me. It’s usually unequivocally fun, we utterly suffer it.”

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Natalya, who defended her pretension opposite Charlotte during Sunday’s Hell In A Cell due to disqualification, also discussed her favorite compare opposite The Queen. The dual faced any other during NXT Takeover in 2014 for a empty NXT Women’s Championship, that was won by Charlotte in a compare that was widely praised. Natalya alike a compare to a WrestleMania moment, not usually given of how good it was from an in-ring perspective, though also for a several personal reasons that done it additional special.

“For me, a Takeover compare during NXT, it was usually in front of 200 people and that live crowd, it was violent to consider that those 200 people could give me a WrestleMania moment. we contend that given that compare with her was usually as special to me as main-eventing WrestleMania,” she said. “It unequivocally embodied all that we am about, as distant as women’s wrestling: operative tough and profitable it forward. I’ve been wrestling given we was 18 years old, and we was means to take all a skills that I’ve schooled from my family, from a really prestigious Japanese coach, from training in The Dungeon, from a several overwhelming coaches I’ve had and from my practice around a world, we was means to take that and assistance compensate it brazen to somebody that indispensable it. Charlotte was up-and-coming, she had nonetheless to infer herself and was still learning. So for me to be means to pass on my believe and afterwards to also rouse myself, we consider it non-stop everyone’s eyes to a fact that there’s an art to being means to strengthen yourself and being means to assistance build new talent. So that was very, really special for me.

“Also Charlotte losing her brother, who had recently upheld divided before that compare happened,” she continued. “Although we contest in a ring and we play roles on TV of good and bad, it was really critical for me to give Charlotte that impulse for her father and her family.”

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