My Top 3 Gelato Spots in Rome

You can find gelato on only about any given block feet in Rome. Sometimes it’s good; infrequently it’s glorious — and it’s roughly never bad. That’s because some readers competence find my list accurate, while others competence cruise it argumentative or even officious infuriating. You left off Giolitti?! You like sequence gelaterias?! Nevertheless, I’ve narrowed down my 3 favorite gelaterias in Rome — any impossibly addictive for opposite reasons — after vital there for 4 months and embarking on a dauntless charge to eat it each day (sometimes twice a day). we inspire we all to try a same eminent investigation.

Before we start your possess Mission Find a Best Gelato in Rome, though, it’s useful to know a few tricks for scoping out a good things vs. a feign stuff. Your best apparatus is your eyes. First, notice a colors of a gelato. Take pistachio, for example. Do we see a towering of splendid immature fluff, or do we see a paler tinge that looks some-more like what would indeed outcome if we churned pistachios with divert and sugar? Opt for gelato that we can tell isn’t full of synthetic coloring. Then, do a discerning brush of a shop. If we see a kitchen or seminar in a back, that’s a good sign. It means they’re substantially creation a gelato on site instead of shipping it in from another producer. Finally, use your ambience buds. “Posso provare?” means “Can we try?” and it will substantially turn your most-used Italian phrase.

Without serve check and in no sold order, here are my favorites.



Reason to visit: Ultrarich gelato in chocolate-dipped cones

Venchi is famous worldwide for chocolate, yet when we consider of a shop, we consider of gelato, particularly, a densely rich, devilishly good nougatine flavor. Inspired by Venchi’s caramelized hazelnut and chocolate candies, a gelato has an heated chocolate bottom with a cloaking of caramel and finely chopped hazelnuts. Other standouts are strawberry, mango, and Cremino Venchi (a white chocolate and almond gianduja number). The sequence is good for a few other reasons besides taste, though. First, employees are lerned to kindly overlay a gelato several times before they supplement it to your crater or cone, that formula in a light, airy, and spectacularly soothing scoop. And even better, Venchi offers a city’s — nope, a WORLD’S — best dipped cones. For an additional euro, ask for your cone to be dunked in melted dim chocolate and rolled in chocolate shavings. You will get chocolate all over your face, and we competence not be means to pierce for a integrate of hours, yet that is a small, tiny cost to pay.

Gelateria del Teatro

Reason to visit: Consistently awesome, agreeably flavored gelato

If we had to collect a singular favorite gelateria in Rome, I’d collect Gelateria del Teatro. we went so many times that we mislaid count, and we skip it with good fondness. There are only dual locations of this family-run business, that values natural, uninformed mixture and courteous gelato making. There’s something for everyone, from a picky to a adventurous, from vegans to dairy-lovers. My favorites are coconut (which incorporates tiny patches of a fruit and tastes only like a genuine thing), tartufo (a abounding four-chocolate gelato dappled with pieces of consume cake), and lavender white pink (a light, honeyed season we couldn’t find anywhere else). Try this place once, and you’ll expected find yourself entrance behind to try each flavor. If you’re a unchanging customer, we competence even get offering to attend a giveaway gelato tasting, graphic below.


Reason to visit: Adventurous flavors

Sure, Fatamorgana has your customary straciatella and coffee flavors, yet a genuine disturb lies in a shop’s riskier creations. You could spend 10 mins determining between a preference of 100 percent healthy gelati. The emporium facilities officious dumb combinations of startling fruits, spices, and even tea and booze. My favorites? The pecorino cheese with chestnuts, honey, and orange flay that has all a nuttiness of pecorino, offset with a benevolence of sugar and a startling hold of orange. Basil with walnuts and sugar tastes like you’re smelling a freshest sprig of basil. Fatamorgana has a energy to retreat any green mood we feel, as it will honestly pierce we to comprehend that gelato can ambience so good. I’d advise savoring your ice cream in a crater so we can conclude a flavors but a division of a waffle cone.

Give these shops a try a subsequent time we find yourself in Rome — or use your newfound gelato believe to find some favorites of your own.

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