Mugabe’s 92nd birthday celebration criticised

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe (C-L) and his mother Grace (C) surrounded by confidence arrive for a jubilee for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's 92nd birthday hold in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, 27 Feb 2016Image copyright

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Children review communication praising Mr Mugabe as a idealist during a event

Zimbabwe’s statute jubilee has been criticised for hosting intemperate 92nd birthday celebrations for President Robert Mugabe while swathes of a race face food shortages.

The eventuality reportedly cost roughly $800,000 (£575,000).

The antithesis Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) called a celebrations “obscene”.

Mr Mugabe has dominated Zimbabwe politics given autonomy from a UK in 1980.

The event, that was televised and featured schoolchildren reading communication about a president, was hold in a drought-stricken south eastern city of Masvingo.

Birth of a Mugabe dynasty?

The aged leader, accompanied by his mother Grace, expelled 92 balloons to flog off a eventuality during a Great Zimbabwe monument, with tens of thousands of people attending.

In a speech, Mr Mugabe pounded Western donors, and pronounced he would not accept “rotten, filthy” assist if it was fortuitous on Zimbabwe usurpation same-sex marriages, the government-owned journal a Herald reported.

But a antithesis Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) pronounced a celebrations were “ill-conceived”.

Money used for a eventuality should be used to import maize “to avert a imminent starvation” in Masvingo and other areas, pronounced Obert Gutu, a MDC spokesman.

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Zimbabwe has asked for scarcely $1.6 billion in food assist amid serious drought

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Earlier in a week, a apart eventuality was hold during state residence in Harare, a capital

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Mr Mugabe has not announced any skeleton to step down

Eddie Cross, an MP for a MDC said: “The trash of this sold practice is that he throws this whack not only formed on open funds… though he does it in one of a worst-affected drought-stricken tools of a country.”

The UN’s World Food Programme pronounced food prolongation had depressed by half compared to a year earlier, since of serious drought.

The supervision pronounced about 3 million people were food uncertain and progressing this month it asked for scarcely $1.6 billion in aid.

Mr Gutu pronounced a statute Zanu-PF “should be definitely ashamed” for hosting a dear jubilee while “more than 90 %of Zimbabweans are servile in harsh poverty”.

However, a girl personality for a statute Zanu-PF jubilee shielded a birthday celebrations.

“Money is not a emanate here,” Pupurai Togarepi told a Reuters news agency.

“You can't put a cost on a grant of President Mugabe to a story and growth of this nation. All these things are value some-more than money.”

Zimbabwe has faced serious mercantile hurdles in new years, that critics censure on policies including a seizures and redistribution of white-owned farms in 2000.

Hyper-inflation left a banking meaningless and compulsory a use of unfamiliar currencies for many transactions.

Mr Mugabe has blamed his country’s mercantile troubles on Western meddling.

Who is Robert Mugabe?

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Veteran personality Robert Mugabe has presided over Zimbabwe for a past 3 decades.

Born in 1924 in a encampment of Kutama, south-west of a collateral Harare, he was prepared by Jesuits and went on to turn a clergyman before fasten a ransom onslaught opposite British rule.

He became a pivotal figure in a quarrel for autonomy from white minority-rule as personality of a Zimbabwe African National Union, and spent 11 years in jail before apropos Zimbabwe’s initial post-independence primary apportion in 1980.

In Dec 2015, Mr Mugabe was permitted once some-more as a statute jubilee claimant for a 2018 presidential elections though media continue to assume about a intensity successor.

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