Movies, Baking, & Hit Love Songs — New Details On Taylor Swift’s ‘Very Normal’ Relationship With Joe Alwyn!

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She went from Loki to low-key!

After Taylor Swift‘s much-publicized attribute with Tom Hiddleston, a Look What You Made Me Do thespian has been gripping things VERY chill with her new tall, blue-eyed Brit.

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According to a source vocalization to Us Weekly, Tay Tay and actor Joe Alwyn are “very most in love” — and they’re gripping their intrigue protected by gripping it private:

“They have utterly a low-key relationship, that Taylor likes. It’s unequivocally normal, and no one unequivocally knows about it right now. They usually work out, watch cinema together and entice friends over. Taylor loves to prepare and bake for him. They are still holding it slow.”

That indeed sounds kind of ideal and amazing.

They’re also doing a good pursuit keeping things on a DL. We usually listened about them in May, though formed on fan theories about her Gorgeous lyrics, a integrate might have already been “taking it slow” for over a year during this point.

Do YOU consider Taylor has finally found a pivotal to her happiness??

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