More People Are Getting Plastic Surgery To Look Like Ivanka Trump Than The Kardashians!

Ivanka Trump

We told we initial the Trumps were a new Kardashians — and now, some of a country’s tip cosmetic surgeons are proof a point!

In box we indispensable serve justification that people usually caring about outdoor beauty these days, THR reports some-more women than ever are going underneath a blade to demeanour like Ivanka Trump!

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Sorry, Kim Kardashian West! You have been dethroned!

Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc. pronounced of a phenomenon:

“No matter what your domestic leanings are, Ivanka Trump is a kind of purpose model. How many people have her look, went to an Ivy League propagandize and reason their possess in business and socially?”

If usually cosmetic medicine could give we a degree, too!

Chiu went on to explain that patients mostly scrutinise about Ivanks’ “youthful face,” that can be achieved by a fat-transfer procedure:

“It’s both facial and physique features. People speak about her cheekbones, how proportional her face is, a total facilities of her eyes, nose and lips.”

NYC-based approved cultured helper dilettante Jill Caruso echoed:

“The cultured demeanour is relocating nationally from a Kardashian form to an Ivanka Trump demeanour — reduction done.”

And apparently, it totally matters what age we are.

New York cosmetic surgeon Sharon Giese explained:

“My patients in their 20s still wish to demeanour like Kylie Jenner, though those in their 30s to mid-40s are going for a softer, classical appearance, some-more like Ivanka Trump.”

There we have it, bbs.

Maybe if we all demeanour like Ivanka, we can get free from this due medical check and all a other jive Donald Trump is perplexing to do, too?! Ha!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

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