More Details Coming Out About Hannibal Buress’ Overnight Arrest — Latest Info HERE

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We’re starting to learn some-more about Hannibal Buressdisorderly intoxication detain final night in Miami — what led adult to it, what precipitated a patrolman to place him underneath arrest, and more.

According to TMZ, who performed Buress’ detain confirmation from a bust on South Beach, a impediment officer described a really minute news in that Buress was dipsomaniac with blood shot eyes and “a clever fragrance of alcohol” entrance from his breath.

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Things went downhill when Buress allegedly asked a patrolman to call him an Uber — intelligent pierce so Buress doesn’t expostulate home drunk, yet maybe not a thing we should be seeking a patrolman to do for you.

Tensions fast rose, though, when a comedian started to turn martial during a cop’s refusal to call an Uber.

Buress afterwards apparently went inside a bar, withdrawal a situation, yet a patrolman followed him and asked Buress to go home, citing a comedian as being too dipsomaniac to stay in public.

It was behind when a dual got outward where Buress started to “hurl profanities” during a officer, causing a throng to form and formulating this video that we posted progressing this morning in a strange story (below):

The patrolman says he asked Buress to leave 5 times… obviously, that didn’t happen, and a officer was forced to slap him and transport him off to jail.

Hannibal posted $500 bond around 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, and headed home.

What a night. What a mugshot!!!

[Image around Miami-Dade Corrections.]

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