‘More bad days than good’ for paralysed manoeuvre Tylicki

Freddy Tylicki

Freddy Tylicki is being cared for during St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London

Jockey Freddy Tylicki says he is “dealing with” a injuries he postulated that have left him paralysed from a waist down.

The 30-year-old was harmed in a four-horse wreck during Kempton on 31 Oct and suffered a T7 paralysis.

He spent time in complete caring and will shortly start reconstruction during a London Spinal Cord Unit.

“I have good days and we have bad days – during a impulse we have some-more bad days than good ones,” he told a Sun newspaper.

“From really early we knew there was a large problem. we put dual and dual together really quickly. I’m traffic with it day in, day out.”

Tylicki says he is beholden for a support he has perceived from family, friends and a whole racing village – that lifted £330,000 to assistance him – and he hopes that a reconstruction will concede him to swell with his life.

“Who knows what will occur as distant as presumably permitting me to travel again.” he added.

“It’s tough to speak about a future. Even harder for me as I’ve never gifted anything like this. The doctors have been really realistic, though.

“I could be feeling something in one month or 3 months down a road. There’s a lot of bruising in my physique that needs to heal.”