Montanans voted for a aroused psycho who ‘body slammed’ a journalist

I went to bed before a polls sealed in Montana final night. we didn’t wish to see a results. I’m not going to explain that we was some moody, all-knowing, auspicious Cassandra, though after a 2016 presidential election, we will never again doubt a ability of white people to opinion opposite their possess interests opposite a board. The reason I’m creation “white people” take a L on this is since Montana is not a racially different state. Racial issues that come into play in a state like Virginia or South Carolina or Ohio don’t come into play in a state-wide choosing in Montana. So this choosing was mostly only white folks determining that they would rather elect a psychopath who vigourously assaults journalists for seeking questions about healthcare. This was a opinion for violence, for dishonesty, for punishing bad people for being poor, for punishing ill people for being sick. And when it all goes to hell, they’ll substantially only censure Barry Obama, right?

The choosing was closer than people were expecting, though let’s not child ourselves: Greg Gianforte won by a healthy margin. The opinion was 51% for Gianforte and 44% for Rob Quist, a decent-seeming Democrat who talked plainly about medical and never once vigourously assaulted a publisher on a eve of an election. Montanans told a rest of a nation that they elite to be represented in Congress by a aroused brag who plainly lies and blames his victim. Why is this not surprising?

Gianforte done a anxiety to his misconduct attack assign in his feat speech, observant that he “made a mistake” as his supporters laughed, like it was a funniest fun in a world. That creates me sick, though we theory we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, there were women fortifying Donald Trump about a “grab ‘em by a p-ssy” tape. What is wrong with these (white) people that they are literally voting for attack and assault?

Photos pleasantness of Getty.