Mom of Two Tiffani Thiessen: ‘It’s Really Neat’ Having Playdates with My Old 90210 and Saved by a Bell Costars


Tiffani Thiessen can’t assistance though welcome her dual kids’ fun and singular senses of humor.

“Holt is unequivocally a child and in a proviso that any toot and belch creates him laugh,” a singer tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue of her 2-year-old, Holt Fisher. “So when he laughs, we of march laugh.”

And Thiessen’s daughter Harper Renn, 7, is stupid in her possess way. “She’s into stealing around a dilemma and scaring Mommy and Daddy,” says a 43-year-old Beverly Hills, 90210 alum.

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Morgan Pansing

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Thiessen’s comparison child with her husband, actor Brady Smith, also mostly behaves over her years. During a new playdate with Harper’s best friend Simone Lynn — a 7-year-old daughter of Bill Horn and Scout Masterson — a dual were pushing around in an programmed fondle automobile when Thiessen saw her small lady grow adult before her eyes.

“They pronounced this word and we was like, ‘Is this a new word a teenagers are using?’ ” she recalls. “I consider it was like ‘flicker’ or ‘Hey, we only flicked.’ we was like, ‘What? What are we articulate about?’ ”

Morgan Pansing

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Playing a mom of teenagers in Netflix’s arriving comedy Alexa Katie has given Thiessen an additional preview of what motherhood will be like for her in a few years.

“It’s unequivocally didactic being around teenagers all day and saying a disproportion between how it was for me as a teen and how life is opposite for a kids on this show,” a Dinner during Tiffani’s star explains.

“Seeing like, ‘Wow, that’s not distant divided from me,’ it’s kind of daunting and frightful and afterwards exciting, since we truly do find a pleasure in any opposite proviso that my kids go through,” she explains.

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Until then, Thiessen will continue to suffer unchanging family dinners, trips around her home state of California and environment adult playdates with her former costars’ children.

“I only ran into Naomi Priestley —  Jason was out of city sharpened in Canada — though only saw a dual kids, and their youngest son is a year comparison than Harper,” she recalls.

“We see [Saved By a Bell‘s] Mark-Paul Gosselaar a lot,” Thiessen adds. “His kids are only younger than my kids, though afterwards he has comparison kids from his initial marriage, so the kids are kind of in between. we keep in hold with a lot of them. It’s unequivocally neat.”