Mischa Barton Makes Red Carpet Return, Looks Healthy and Happy

Mischa Barton Makes Red Capet Return, Looks Healthy and Happy

It has been a while given Mischa Barton wowed on a red carpet. But, a singer showed adult during a Cannes Film Festival looking pleasing in a engineer black dress with jewels. More importantly she looked happy and healthy.

The final few years have been some-more than a small severe for a former star whose once earnest career stalled after she left a renouned teen drama, “The O.C.”, that done her a domicile name.

At one time, it seemed like a singer was unfailing to have a prolonged and successful career in Hollywood. “The O.C.” was an present strike with viewers, and Mischa even won dual Teen Choice Awards for her description of Marissa Cooper on a teen soap. Entertainment Weekly even dubbed her a “It Girl” of 2003.

Mischa Barton Makes Red Capet Return, Looks Healthy and Happy

But, it wasn’t prolonged before Mischa became a regular on a celebration circuit and started dating “bad boys” such as oil successor and addict Brandon Davis. In 2007, she was arrested for pushing underneath a influence, pushing though a license, and possession of marijuana. Just a few years later, Mischa’s former landlord took her to justice for refusing to compensate her $7,000 month rent. She even became inextricable in a authorised brawl with her possess mom over a Beverly Hills home they co-owned.

After her impression was created off of “The O.C.”, her career stalled with her mostly creation true to DVD films. Mischa afterwards kind of left from Hollywood for a while, though popped behind adult in early 2016 to do a army in “Dancing With a Stars”.

This past year has been especially tough for a actress. In January, her neighbors called a military to news her screaming and behaving erratically in her backyard. She was taken for a medical depletion and after claimed her function was due to being slipped a date rape drug. This wasn’t a initial time Mischa’s mental state had been questioned.

Mischa Barton Makes Red Carpet Return, Looks Healthy and Happy

In 2009, she was placed on a psychiatric reason after a earthy rumpus with medical staff and was announced a probable risk to herself or others. Recently, Mischa was postulated a confining sequence opposite dual boyfriends, one of whom was perplexing to sell a R-Rated video of a star. She is energetically fighting placement of a tape.

Although this creates her initial red runner coming in a while, she had been photographed out and about in Hollywood lately. In her some-more new photos, she looks stylish and good put together. And, distinct in a past, she does seem to be in a most healthier and happier place.

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Image Credit: The Grosby Group/Backgrid