Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Josh Altman and Wife Heather Expecting Second Child

It looks like Million Dollar Listing Josh Altman competence be on a marketplace for a bigger house. He and his mother Heather are awaiting baby no. 2.

The integrate suggested a news to Extra on Wednesday, Jan 9. Heather explained that this time around when she found out she was profound was a small opposite than a first. “We were indeed together when we took a pregnancy exam so we found out together, that was good since final time, he was in Miami,” Heather, 33, told Extra. Josh, 39, chimed in, we had to get on a initial moody home!’

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The integrate shares their 21-month-old daughter Alexis. The span is already accustomed to a high pressured pell-mell sourroundings due to their line of work so they are prepared and vehement to move another small one into a mix.

“It’s totally going to get easier. Just kidding,” Josh joked to Extra. Heather added, “Happy chaos.”

Josh and Heather now have a parenting thing down and know what to expect. They demeanour brazen to going into baby no.2 with a some-more loose attitude. “Not to be so crazy about everything. I’m not going to have we take off your boots each time. You know, a manners will be a small some-more stretchable this time,” Heather explained. Josh also done certain to indicate out that a genuine estate agents’ universe “revolves around” their daughter “and it’s going to revolve around [their second child too].”

And a biggest training doctrine they have schooled from their daughter Alexis only goes with a flow, it’s a couple’s new mantra. “We kind of go with it. Our residence is a mess. We are used to that,” he said. “We aren’t even going to try to purify it adult anymore. Movie theaters gone, it is now a playroom.”