Mike Pompeo: Secretary of state hopeful denies he is a fight hawk

Media captionPompeo: War should always be a final resort

US President Donald Trump’s hopeful for secretary of state has denied during a acknowledgment conference that he is a fight hawk.

CIA executive Mike Pompeo told a Senate that as America’s tip diplomat he would always prioritise diplomacy.

But one senator asked either Mr Pompeo would be a “yes man”, catering to a president’s “worst instincts”.

Seen in Washington as a Trump loyalist, Mr Pompeo has been picked to reinstate Rex Tillerson, who was dismissed in March.

  • Trump’s loyalist new diplomat

The hopeful told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday: “I know some of we have read, a story is I’m a hawk, I’m a hardliner.”

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Protesters before a start of a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing

On armed conflict, a former army captain added: “It’s a final resort. It contingency always be so. we intend to work to grasp a president’s policies with tact rather by promulgation a immature group and women to war.”

A handful of protesters stood adult before a conference began, shouting: “No Pompeo! No some-more war!”

Mr Pompeo’s assignment comes as a Trump administration considers troops movement in Syria over a suspected poison gas attack.

Senator Bob Menendez, a committee’s tip Democrat, asked Mr Pompeo: “Will we capacitate President Trump’s misfortune instincts?”

He added: “Will we mount adult to President Trump and say, ‘No, you’re wrong in that view, Mr President.’ Or will we be a approbation man?”

Media captionPompeo on Russia, North Korea and Trump

Senator Menendez pronounced Mr Trump was a “commander in chaos” whose “taunts and tweets” could lead a American people to war.

Senator Bob Corker, a Republican authority of a committee, stressed a US boss “must select his difference carefully”.

Mr Pompeo refused to divulge to senators “private conversations” he had had with President Trump about a exploration into purported Russian nosiness in a 2016 US presidential election.

The hopeful reliable he had been interviewed by probity dialect special warn Robert Mueller, who is heading a investigation.

Mr Pompeo also told senators he would not renounce as secretary of state if Mr Trump were to pouch Mr Mueller.

Addressing a series of unfamiliar process issues, he

  • Said he wanted to “fix” a Iranian chief understanding and would work with allies if it could not be fixed
  • Said there was “more work” to be finished on supporting Russia and that Moscow had not nonetheless perceived a message
  • Denied ever advocating for regime change in North Korea and pronounced he was not doing so now
  • Said he common Mr Trump’s perspective that a Paris meridian settle placed “an undue burden” on a US

The Senate is widely approaching to endorse Mr Pompeo.