Mika Singh: The singer’s brushes with a law

mika singh story of military cases
mika singh story of military cases Mika Singh has been arrested in Dubai on passionate nuisance charges. (Photo: Instagram/Mika Singh)

Bollywood thespian Mika Singh has been arrested in Dubai on a passionate nuisance charge. A unfamiliar inhabitant has indicted a thespian of promulgation her inapt photos, as reported by Gulf News. But this is not a initial time that Mika has gotten inextricable in authorised trouble.

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In 2016, an FIR was lodged opposite Mika by a 32-year-old conform designer. The lady had purported that a thespian entered her house, grabbed her arm and hugged her forcibly. Mika denied her claims and filed a opposite FIR opposite a lady for trespassing.

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In 2015, Mika Singh had slapped a alloy during an eventuality in New Delhi. The eventuality was mutual by a Delhi Ophthalmological Society where Mika called a pronounced alloy on theatre and slapped him. The doctors benefaction during a eventuality ganged adult opposite a singer. The alloy suffered a seperated eardrum after a thespian slapped him.

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In 2013, Mika was arrested during Mumbai airfield for allegedly carrying Indian and unfamiliar banking over a slight limit, as per a news by PTI. Mika was found carrying $12,000 and Rs 3 lakh in money when in fact a slight extent is usually $5,000 and Rs 7,500, over that one has to announce a money on arrival.

In Mar 2013, Mika Singh’s Gurgaon farmhouse was hermetic as it was purported that there was blurb activity going on during a property.

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In 2011, Mika was concerned in a strike and run case, as per PTI. It was pronounced that a singer’s Hummer rammed into an automobile rickshaw during a diminutive hours of a morning. Mika denied that it was him during a wheel. Two cops and a automobile rickshaw motorist claimed that they had speckled a thespian pushing a car.

Back in 2006, Mika Singh forcibly kissed Rakhi Sawant during his birthday party. Rakhi took him to justice for a same though a part was after ridiculed by them both.