Michael Rapaport Saves Flight By Stopping Passenger From Opening Emergency Door Mid-Air!

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This is crazy!!!

Michael Rapaport was drifting behind to El Lay on Saturday morning on a United Airlines moody from Houston when a male on a moody apparently got up, walked to a front of a plane, and began perplexing to open a puncture door!

Witnesses endorse that it was Rapaport himself who sprung into action, physically confining a male concerned and preventing him from opening a doorway with a craft thousands of feet in a atmosphere during cruising altitude.

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Apparently, Rapaport saw what was function and immediately jumped from his seat, yelling “What a fuck are we doing?” to a newcomer in doubt before physically confining him.

Better yet, several former NBA stars on a moody — including Baron Davis, Ryan Hollins, and Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis — rushed adult to assistance Rapaport restrain a man and forestall him from opening a cabin door.

The man’s excuse? He claimed he suspicion it was a lavatory door, and not a plane’s exit door. Uhhh…. OK.

After a incident, Rapaport was all smiles as he hung out with a basketball players and enjoyed his new nickname “Michael Rapaport Authority,” as we can see (below):


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According to United officials, a FBI and airfield authorities spoke to a male who attempted to open a puncture door, and eventually expelled him — they contend he was very, really confused and had been on a moody to go behind home to Vietnam to revisit his mother, who is ill.

Regardless, an puncture was averted by a quick-thinking Michael Rapaport.

How ’bout that?!

[Image around Derrick Salters/WENN.]

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