#MeToo movement: Vikas Bahl seeks claim opposite Kashyap, Motwane; wants indemnification of Rs 10 cr

metoo, metoo movement, metoo campaign, me too, vikas bahl,, haunt films, tanned express, anurag kashyap, metoo bollywoodmetoo, metoo movement, metoo campaign, me too, vikas bahl,, haunt films, tanned express, anurag kashyap, metoo bollywood What Bahl (right) did was horrifying, Anurag Kashyap (left) had said. (File)

Director Vikas Bahl changed a Bombay High Court Wednesday, seeking Rs 10 crore in indemnification from his former partners in Phantom Films, directors Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap, and 3 media organisations for purported defamation. Bahl also sought halt service confining them and others, including dual media houses, from posting, edition and republishing a allegedly insulting articles with honour to him on any medium.

Bahl had urged a justice to curb a respondents from posting anything opposite him on amicable media as halt relief. Granting no halt relief, however, a justice shelved a box compartment Friday. The justice has also destined that a victim, who had purported that she faced passionate nuisance during a hands of Bahl, and a fourth partner in Phantom Films, Madhu Mantena, also be finished parties.

In a polite fit filed by disciple Hitesh Jain, Bahl, detached from a damages, has sought a permanent claim opposite Kashyap, Motwane and others confining them from edition “defamatory” articles, posts opposite him saying that they are “completely false, erring and insulting in nature” carrying caused “irreparable harm, detriment and damage” to his repute among his fans, followers, peers and colleagues.

“The Plaintiff (Bahl) states that Defendant Nos. 1 and 2 (Kashyap and Motwane) holding advantage of a ongoing “#Metoo” transformation in a country, published false, malicious, unsubstantiated imputations, allegations and statements opposite a Plaintiff by their Twitter accounts and other amicable media platforms,” a fit states. It serve says that this was finished with an vigilant to settle personal scores, accurate vendetta, assail Bahl’s picture and destroy his career and due to veteran jealousy. The fit serve says that a purported insulting posts were finished with a perspective to means “tremendous veteran loss” to him forward of his subsequent large release, Super 30, even as there was “no whisper” in a media about a purported occurrence between May 2017 and Sep 2018.


It serve says that while Bahl’s film, Queen, was widely appreciated, Motwane and Kashyap, “were not during their veteran best and 2015-2018 and that from Jan 2017 onwards they were confronting artistic and veteran differences. Bahl alleges that Kashyap even attempted to “bribe, offer money, offer incentives” to another worker of Phantom in sequence to get a chairman to make a identical fake censure opposite him.

Representing Kashyap and Motwane comparison warn Venkatesh Dhond objected to a halt claim sought by Bahl opposite them. The justice has destined a partners of Phantom Films as good as a plant to sojourn benefaction before it for a subsequent conference on Friday.

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