Mercury song composer Santhosh Narayanan: we wanted to clear a story of a film with my music

santhosh narayanansanthosh narayanan Mercury’s song composer Santhosh Narayanan opens adult about a hurdles he had to face while formulating song for a film

Actor-director-choreographer Prabhudheva will shortly be seen on a large shade in a wordless thriller called Mercury. Since Mercury is a wordless movie, song plays an essential purpose in defining a characters and environment a gait of a film.

Music executive Santhosh Narayanan, who has worked on projects like luminary Rajinikanth’s Kaala, Kaashmora and Bairavaa, has pronounced that formulating song for a Prabhudheva starrer was a plea as good as a training experience.

‘’Music is an essential partial of any film, though when it comes to Mercury it indeed became a middle of communication. Mercury being a wordless film indispensable a clever credentials measure that could give we chills down a spine”, pronounced a composer.

“Since there are no dialogues in a film we had to be clever about each notation fact like tonality, atmosphere and a story. we wanted to clear a story with my music. It was a good training knowledge as Karthik and we used to have notation conversations about it. A film like Mercury is a once in a era event for me. It doesn’t come simply to a song executive and we am absolved to have gotten this opportunity”, combined Narayanan.

Not usually Narayanan, executive Karthik Subbaraj has himself pronounced that creation Mercury was one of a many formidable jobs he had to do in a prolonged while. In an disdainful talk with, Subbaraj had claimed that Mercury is one of a many desirous cinema he has worked on.

“Mercury is one of a many severe projects we have worked on. From a nuances of a actor’s expressions to a notation technicals of a movie, all indispensable to be monitored and looked into. The actors were compulsory to display quite with their face”, a filmmaker had pronounced in an progressing talk with

Mercury will recover on Apr 13 this year.

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