Mercury actor Prabhudheva: we adore directing some-more than acting

prabhudeva will be seen in Mercuryprabhudeva will be seen in Mercury Prabhudeva starrer Mercury will hit the screens on Apr 13.

Director Prabhudheva says it is a parable that usually those who play severe roles are appreciated by a audience. The pivotal is to perform a viewers and win their hearts, he says. “If we are personification a favourite we have to bond with a audience. It is not that usually if we do severe roles afterwards people will like you. You don’t have to be a NASA scientist to uncover your behaving (skills),” Prabhudheva told PTI.

“Not all those who play tough roles are given a best actor awards, those who conduct to perform a assembly also get recognition.” After a success of his Tamil film Devi, Prabhudheva says he was given identical offers though he prefers directing over acting. “I like both (acting and directing) as currently there are a lot of sparkling opportunities for me as an actor. But we adore directing some-more than acting,” he says.

Prabhudheva says either he is operative as an actor or as a director, he tries to give his hundred percent to his craft. “Once we turn popular, it doesn’t meant we let go of things. Rather we have to work harder and make certain that we say a name that we have done for yourself in a industry. we am in that position that we can do things we like and wish to experiment. Today we am an softened actor,” he says.

Other than films, Prabhudheva says, he knows nothing. “In a initial days, we wanted to make a name for myself here. Then we went after income and did some films. Today, we do films for passion,” he says. He is looking brazen to a recover of Mercury, a wordless thriller in that he plays an antagonist.

“This film looks tough though we never felt it was tough as a executive was really good. If we would have done this film, we would not have been means to finish it. we would not have been means to do justice,” he says. “The genre is new, we consternation how we can make a film but dialogues. When we see a film, we will never feel it is a wordless film.”

Being a executive himself, Prabhudheva says he never interferes with a instruction routine of another person. “…When we act, we only act, we hear a story and listen to a instructions of a director. At times, we uncover another take, if a directors like it, they keep it, even if they don’t, we am ok,” he says.

The film is set to recover this Friday

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