Memories of a musician: Abdul Rashid Khan

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By Kaushiki Chakraborty

When Abdul Rashid Khan sahab initial assimilated ITC Sangeet Research Academy (SRA) in Kolkata as a guru and came to live there, we was a immature lady perplexing to know a ropes of exemplary music. Growing adult in this halcyon institution, where everybody is like an extended family, a bond one has with teachers, musicians and their families is extraordinary.

I still remember a initial time we all heared him perform. we hadn’t listened such a strong, grave voice — not only in terms of a chuck though a voice trafficked 3 octaves. It was uncommon, even for a youngsters, to have so most of energy in a performance.


He was a good composer as well, he used to harmonise such extraordinary bandishs. The palliate with that he would perform certain vicious compositions from really odd ragas was exquisite. Some taranas were perfect brilliance. His different compositions in a SRA repository sojourn a good source of training and impulse for a students.

I still remember a concert, roughly 12-13 years ago, that was patrician “The Youngest and a Oldest”. Arshad Ali Khan, Mashkoor Ali Khan sahab’s nephew was a youngest while Khan sahab was a oldest. The unison was good fun and done me realize that he was a singular multiple of a chairman who was a performer, teacher, and composer. At his age and holding his health conditions into consideration, it’s an extraordinary life for us to be desirous by.

Many people feel he was a improved clergyman and composer than a performer. If someone is a good teacher, we consider he contributes to a qualification of song as most as a performer. Abdul Rashid Khan sahab enriched a tapestry of song with his measureless contribution.

If we review Ustad Alauddin Khan sahab and Pandit Ravi Shankar on a basement of opening afterwards there is something severely wrong in judging a musician. So we can't take divided any credit from Abdul Rashid Khan sahab, who enriched a tapestry of song with his measureless contribution.

As told to Suanshu Khurana