Melissa Joan Hart Reveals a Hilarious Way Her Kids Get Her Attention: They ‘Yell Out’ My Name in Public


Melissa Joan Hart‘s 3 sons with father Mark Wilkerson sire a expectancy of a tech-obsessed subsequent era flourishing adult with screens constantly in their faces.

“There isn’t unequivocally one thing they value some-more than going outward to play with area kids,” a actress, 41, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “They don’t unequivocally like electronics, and they are just as happy reading as personification with toys.”

Though the Watcher in a Woods executive says she wishes she could extent shade time even some-more for Tucker, 5, Braydon, 9½, and Mason, 11, she considers it a feat to have tempered her kids’ soda cravings.

“I’m unapproachable to contend a one thing that worked out good was gripping them divided from soothing drinks,” Hart declares. “It was never an option in a house, so they don’t unequivocally like it now.”

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What they do enjoy, however, is holding advantage of Mom’s pet peeve. “When they can’t get my courtesy [in public], they will scream out ‘Melissa Joan Hart’ since they know we don’t like to be famous during airports or restaurants,” a Clarissa Explains It All alum reveals.

This time of year, Hart — who has partnered with peanut butter association JIF for a Imagine If with JIF campaign — is operative on removing her contingent of boys to coordinate a organisation garb for Halloween.

“I customarily try to get my kids to be a same arrange of costume,” she says. “Last year they were the Three Amigos. we was so unapproachable of my kids for coming adult with that idea. It was usually so perfect! This year, I’m not so certain I’ll be means to get them all on a same page. we unequivocally wish we can.”

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In a meantime, a family has been embracing tumble traditions like apple and pumpkin picking and examination frightful movies, including a original Watcher in a Woods. “I attempted to uncover it to my kids, yet usually my 10-year-old during a time was unequivocally into it,” a former teen star says. “And he was usually preoccupied by it! He was jumping out of his seat.”

All 3 kids have been enjoying a fruits of their apple-picking adventure, though. “I have to keep going to a grocery store,” Hart says. “All a peanut butter is out of a residence since we’re dipping our apples in it so much!”

Hart’s Watcher in a Woods reconstitute premieres Saturday on Lifetime during 8 p.m. ET.

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