Meet Minnie Theodora Osbourne

Congrats are in sequence for Jack Osbourne, 32, and Lisa Osbourne, 30. The integrate welcomed their third daughter on Saturday, Feb 3 named Minnie Theodora Osbourne.

The son of mythological rocker Ozzy Osbourne posted a design onto his amicable media of his newest further to his lady squad. Minnie was swaddled in a white-eye printed sweeping with a pinkish turban character hat. The newborn’s stats were created beside her on a chalkboard that explained she came in weighing 7lbs during 5:57 a.m.

Hey everybody accommodate Minnie! She’s a newest member of my girls usually squad. (andy stole a “i” from inch) #girlsrule #playerscurse #happydaddy #hatchling

A post common by Jack Osbourne (@jackosbourne) on Feb 5, 2018 during 11:16am PST

Minnie joins large sisters, Pearl, five, and Andy Rose, two.

The unapproachable Papa wrote on his amicable media, “Hey everybody accommodate Minnie! She’s a newest member of my girls usually squad. #girlsrule #playerscurse #happydaddy #hatchling.”

Lisa posted a same design and wrote, “The final member of my small lady squad. Everyone, accommodate a angelic, Miss Minnie.”

The small lady’s center name Theodora is a touching reverence to Jack and Lisa’s late son Theo. The couple’s son upheld in 2013 when Lisa suffered a late-term miscarriage.

Proud Nana, Sharon Osbourne wrote a intense summary on a attainment of her third ‘grandangel’. “I don’t have a difference to demonstrate how happy we am for Jack and Lisa to have another pleasing small girl, and they named her Minnie that is a most really favorite name, other than Nana that is what a girls call me. It’s a present to be a Nana to 3 small angels-Pearl, Andy and Minnie.”

The integrate chose not to learn a gender of their third child until Lisa gave birth. The family kept a pregnancy comparatively private as well, documenting really small of it on their amicable media platforms.

Jack joked about a final weeks of his wife’s pregnancy, he described Lisa’s function as “psycho nesting mode.” He explained, “Lisa is now redecorating a whole house. We’re repainting a kitchen, a cabinetry, replacing a hardware. She now hates all a rugs in a house, so we’re replacing all a rugs. It’s only like, ’Please stop.”

But, surrounded by only ladies, a father knows how to hoop himself. He went on to say, “If we only grin and nod, we get to go surfing.”

This is my Disney princess. 😘 #wifey

A post common by Jack Osbourne (@jackosbourne) on Sep 23, 2017 during 9:57am PDT

Now that Minnie has arrived, hopefully, a Osbourne domicile will tumble behind into order. And, maybe Jack your all-girls patrol will let we locate some waves!

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