McDonald’s Tragically Announces a Discontinuation of Our Favorite Drink

It’s a unhappy day in a fast-food world, as McDonald’s has announced it’s phasing out a dear Hi-C Orange soda. The splash that interconnected ideally with a Happy Meal will shortly be taken from soda fountains during McDonald’s locations. We know, it’s messed up. McDonald’s has attempted to lessen a emotions by replacing a splash with a new Sprite TropicBerry starting on May 1.

According to a memo addressed to employees, a splash will be totally private from locations by Jul 2017. But WHY?! The memo explains that a “new core beverage” Sprite TropicBerry will take a place of Hi-C given of a new partnership with Coke, and it will be accessible during McDonald’s exclusively. Let’s all take a impulse to weep a Hi-C Orange Lavaburst drink.

If you’re pissed, we are positively not alone! Twitter users are barbarous about a deputy of Hi-C Orange and have not hold behind on amicable media. Check out some reactions below.