Matthew Perry’s Adorable Recorded Message For ‘Friends’ During James Burrows Tribute

Could Matthew Perry BE any cuter? we think not. While he couldn’t be during a James Burrows reverence special on NBC with his ‘Friends’ costars, he did send a video — and it was perfect!

“We skip we Matty!” Matt LeBlanc pronounced when the Friends cast, minus Matthew Perry took a theatre during a special that aired on Feb. 21, Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows. And we did skip him — though his video summary totally helped! He introduced a expel onto a theatre for the James Burrows‘ reverence and we wanted to cry.

Let us repeat: “We skip we Matty” — it seemed to be a accord tonight during a reverence special. Matt popped his conduct in for a available summary where he introduced his “friends”… a tangible expel of Friends. Sadly, he wasn’t there since he was in London for work, though usually saying his face cocktail adult one some-more time — healed some open wounds for us.

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Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa KudrowDavid Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc all assimilated together and their shred was positively amazing, though we have to say, it wasn’t a same but Chandler. Matt was in London in a play The End of Longing, that began previews on Feb 2 during a Playhouse Theatre.

“It’s not a reunion everybody is anticipating for,” Matthew pronounced during The Graham Norton Show on Jan. 15, adding that he designed on introducing him from London. “I’m doing a play here so we can’t be there.” In another talk he did after with BBC Radio 2, he indeed couldn’t contend that part was his slightest favorite — since he couldn’t remember “three years of it” due to piece abuse. “So zero of those.” He combined that he “was a small out of it during a time… somewhere between seasons 3 and six.”

Well, regardless we were anxious to see him, even suspicion it was usually around video message! It’s improved that than nothing, right?