Matt Damon’s Downsizing Bombs At The Box Office Despite A Strong Weekend From Other New Releases

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Tough weekend for Matt Damon.

The star’s father upheld divided final week (it was usually publicly announced yesterday, as we reported), and now — on a distant reduction critical note, of march — his latest movie, Downsizing, has inebriated during a box office.

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The holiday crack featuring Damon shrunk down to 5 inches high warranted usually $6.2 million from 2,558 theaters in a four-day entrance over a Christmas weekend… that creates it good adequate for a seventh place (!!) finish during theaters this weekend. YIKES.

A ‘C’ measure from CinemaScore unequivocally hasn’t helped it — and interestingly enough, per THR, a film has been skewing significantly comparison with 60% of sheet buyers for Downsizing being over 30 years old.

Other than Damon’s bomb, though, there was copiousness of good news in theaters this weekend.

First off, The Last Jedi took in $100.7 million from 4,233 theaters over a prolonged weekend, pulling a two-week domestic sum t now $397 million by a finish of Christmas Day. Globally, a Star Wars film has taken in a whopping $745.5 million — that has now helped Disney pull past $6 billion sum during a box bureau opposite a creation this year, that is a second time a association has achieved that feat.

Furthermore, Jumanji: Welcome to a Jungleis on march to acquire $64 million in a six-day entrance this weekend from 3,765 theaters, even nonetheless it lopsided 56% male. It hasn’t non-stop nonetheless in China.

Pitch Perfect 3 won a weekend for Christmas, as well, opening to a $27 million four-day entrance after being set out in 3,447 theaters commencement Friday. Opposite Jumanji, Pitch Perfect 3 lopsided womanlike with 69% of sheet buyers, while 57% of buyers were underneath 25 years old.

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There’s one other film of note on a weekend, too: Father Figures, that inebriated usually as tough (or arguably harder) than Downsizing.

The male-skewing crack did usually $4.2 million over a four-day weekend from scarcely 4,000 theaters. Not great…

Next week — a time between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day — should make for a really remunerative film-going week, as it is each year. We’ll see what happens then, though until that, here are some early holiday winners and losers!

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