Mass. teen gets large judgment for murdering teacher

Teen Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison For Rape And Murder of Math Teacher

SALEM, Mass., Feb 26 (Reuters) – A Massachusetts decider condemned a teen convicted of raping and murdering his high propagandize math clergyman to offer during slightest 40 years in prison, and a victim’s father called a torpedo “pure evil.”

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Philip Chism, 17, was convicted in Dec of murdering Colleen Ritzer, a 24-year-old math clergyman during his suburban Boston high school. The judgment of life in prison, with a probability of recover after 40 years, was reduction than a 50 years prosecutors had asked Essex County Superior Court Judge David Lowy to impose.

“When something terrible happens, people will mostly say, ‘It could always be worse,'” Lowy said. “It is formidable for this justice to suppose what could be worse for an particular and family to continue than a heartless murder of Colleen Ritzer.”

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Chism was a 14-year-old beginner who had only changed from Tennessee when he killed Ritzer, slicing her throat with a box knife and regulating a recycling bin to dump her body.

“I will never pardon him. He is evil, pristine evil,” father Tom Ritzer said. He was one of 9 friends and family members of a plant who spoke during a sentencing.

Chism’s attorneys had asked a decider to make him authorised for release when he incited 40.

“Witnesses … testified that he was nice, respectful, kind,” pronounced open defender Susan Oker. “So what happened? We mount here currently not understanding.”

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Chism’s mom voiced magnetism for a Ritzer family.

“Words can’t demonstrate a volume of pain and grief these past dual and a half years have been,” Diana Chism said. “There is no one who has suffered some-more than a Ritzer family.”

Hours after murdering Ritzer, who had stayed late to assistance students, Chism was found erratic along a state highway carrying a bag containing Ritzer’s marker and a box cutter.

During a trial, invulnerability attorneys did not repudiate that Chism had pounded Ritzer though contended he was not criminally obliged for his actions due to a long-undiagnosed serious mental illness that was aggravated by a move.

The hearing was spasmodic behind by Chism, who was once celebrated violence his conduct on a floor, and during another point, refused to lapse to a courtroom, revelation his counsel he was “about to explode.”

(Reporting by Ted Siefer; Writing by Scott Malone; Editing by Bernadette Baum and Cynthia Osterman)

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