“Mark Ruffalo adore turtles and believes he is roughly turtle-like” links

Mark Ruffalo loves turtles, believes he is a turtle, and was respected for his work on interest of turtles. we adore turtles! [LaineyGossip]
The Unicorn Frapp looks disgusting. Yikes. [Dlisted]
Alec Baldwin will take over some TCM hosting duties. [Jezebel]
I arrange of suffer Rose Byrne’s dress here. [Go Fug Yourself]
Another stately entrance for a nunsploitation genre. [Pajiba]
Celine Dion sings a BeeGees as usually she can. [OMG Blog]
Jay Pharoah talks about being dismissed from SNL. [Buzzfeed]
What’s a understanding with Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why? [Starcasm]
I don’t know, we consider Jim Carrey looks fine here? [The Blemish]
Kate Upton’s vacation is the really possess Swimsuit Edition. [Celebslam]
Someone, anyone, greatfully compensate courtesy to Bella Thorne. [Moe Jackson]
Also: we’ll speak about this some-more tomorrow, though DAMN, Serena Williams is pregnant!! [Page Six]



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