Man Utd pierce a ‘perfect opportunity’, says Lukaku

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho (left) sole Lukaku (right) in his time as Chelsea boss

Romelu Lukaku says he did not have to “think twice” about relocating to Manchester United from Everton as it represents “the ideal opportunity”.

The 24-year-old striker is set to pointer for United for an initial £75m, notwithstanding former bar Chelsea relating a bid.

“It’s a bar that is inspired to win a joining again, to be widespread in a universe again,” Lukaku told ESPN, who contend they spoke to him after his medical.

“It’s a arrange of event I’ve always wanted given a child.”

Lukaku is in a United States and was arrested in Los Angeles final week following a sound complaint. He is due to seem in justice on 2 October.

The send for him, primarily reported by BBC Sport on Thursday, is believed to embody £15m in add-ons.

Chelsea attempted to re-sign a Belgium general though were not peaceful to compare a fees Lukaku’s agent, Mino Raiola, would acquire if a brazen changed to Old Trafford.

United pronounced on Saturday they were “delighted” to determine a deal.

“When they came job we didn’t have to consider twice, so I’m unequivocally gay to be partial of history,” pronounced Lukaku.

“Who would contend no to a biggest bar in a world? The best track in England, a best fans. we mean, it’s a ideal opportunity.

“I always pronounced we wanted to play for a group that’s severe for any prize that there is there. we consider Manchester United during a notation wants to be a widespread team, a widespread force.

“Now it’s time to work hard, work harder than we ever did before and I’m peaceful to do it.”

United manager Jose Mourinho was manager of Chelsea when they sole Lukaku to Everton for £28m in Jul 2014.

The Belgian scored 25 Premier League goals final season, and United have been chasing him for many of a summer.

They are penetrating to interpretation a understanding before they skip for a pre-season debate to a United States on Sunday.


Lukaku posted photos on his Instagram comment that seemed to be from his medical


The striker joked with his supporters about a check-up


Lukaku signs a immature fan’s shirt


United’s Paul Pogba posted a video of himself with Lukaku to his Instagram page on Saturday with a summary “See we tomorrow in training @rlukaku9 #bienvenue”

Mourinho Lukaku – a story so far

Mourinho on Lukaku expressing warn he was expelled by Chelsea to join Everton on loan in 2013:

“Romelu likes to speak. He’s a immature child who likes to speak. But a usually thing he didn’t contend is given he went to Everton on loan. That’s a usually thing he never says. And my final hit with him was to tell him accurately that – ‘why do we never contend given we are not here?'”

Lukaku on Mourinho in Dec 2015:

“Everyone says it is Mourinho’s error though it is not his error given we done a preference [to leave Chelsea]. we went to his bureau to ask if we could go.

“I sealed a understanding with Everton during 11 o’clock and a initial content summary we got on my aged BlackBerry was from Mourinho saying: ‘Good luck, do your best and we will see we subsequent season.’

Mourinho on offered Lukaku to Everton:

“Romelu was always really transparent with us with his genius and his proceed was not rarely encouraged to come to a rival conditions with Chelsea.

“He wanted to play for Chelsea though he clearly wanted to be first-choice striker – though for a bar of a dimension it is really formidable to guarantee to a player.”

Lukaku in stats

  • With dual goals opposite Hull City in March, Lukaku became a initial Everton actor given Gary Lineker in 1985-86 to measure 20 joining goals in a season.
  • Lukaku is also usually a fourth actor to measure some-more than 80 goals in a Premier League before branch 24 (after Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler and Rooney).
  • He has scored some-more goals than any other Everton actor in Premier League story (68).
  • Lukaku is one of usually 3 players to have scored some-more than 10 goals in any of a past 5 Premier League seasons (alongside Olivier Giroud and Sergio Aguero).

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