Man On The Run Taunts Police Department’s Facebook Page With A Criminally Trollish Comment!

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You can comment, though we can’t hide!

A wanted male in North Wales taunted military on their possess Facebook page after a dialect posted information about his search.

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On Wednesday, a North Wales Police appealed for information to locate Martin Tate, who is being tracked down by authorities on guess of assault.

The force common a mugshot of a 31-year-old on a Facebook page, seeking a open “Where’s he hiding.” Shortly after, Tate replied underneath a post:

“Can’t locate me hahaha we see who has a final giggle now”

Who says we can’t keep adult with your amicable media accounts while on a run?

Which celebration will get a final laugh, however, stays to be seen. Officers wrote back:

“Hi Martin – we can run though we can’t hide. See we soon”

Tate’s post garnered over 7,000 likes, while a military response racked adult a small 6,000 before a dialect deleted a post altogether.

Ch-ch-check out a shade squeeze of a post (below):

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[Image around North Wales Police/Facebook.]

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