Man jailed for hacking into Jennifer Lawrence’s online account

A man’s been jailed for 9 months for hacking into a online accounts of celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence.

Edward Majerczyk, 29, stole private information, including bare videos and photos.

He was indicted of organising a phishing intrigue that duped victims into giving him usernames and passwords.

Majerczyk, from Chicago, was systematic to compensate one unnamed luminary £4,900 after their photos were after common online.

He wasn’t charged or indicted of offered or posting a element online.

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He pleaded guilty final year to one count of unapproved entrance to a stable mechanism to obtain information.

No victims’ names were mentioned in a justice documents.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

In 2014, private cinema of celebrities including Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and indication Kate Upton were posted online and common on several websites.

The box became famous as “celebgate”, with Jennifer Lawrence telling Vanity Fair magazine that a hacking was a “sex crime”.

In a sentencing memo, Majerczyk’s counsel Thomas Needham said, during a time of a offence, his customer was “suffering from depression”.

It read: “He looked to publishing websites and internet discuss bedrooms in an try to fill some of a voids and beating he was feeling in his life.”

He combined that Majerczyk had “consistently voiced remorse” for a hacking and that a element was for his “personal use”.

In Oct 2016, in a apart case, 36-year-old Ryan Collins was condemned to 18 months in jail for a identical hack.

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