Madonna Reveals Her Ex Personal Trainer ‘F*cked’ Her Boyfriend! WATCH HERE!

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On Wednesday, Madonna achieved in Manila, Philippines as partial of her Rebel Heart tour.

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Mid-concert, she motionless to tell a assembly a story about her Filipino personal trainer.

“I only wanted to share this small story with you. Once we had a Filipino trainer, this beautiful, pleasing girl. She was beautiful and really gifted as a trainer.”

So what happened? Well…

“She fucked my boyfriend. So we dismissed her. we only wanted to share that with you.”


Who accurately is this girl? Fans are speculating that it is Nicole Winhoffer (pictured right) who worked for Madge until 2004. Her beloved during a time was Brahim Zaibat.

We only wish it was healing for a Material Girl to get that off her chest!

To hear a crazy clip, ch-ch-check it out (below) !

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