Madam Secretary Recap 11/29/15: Season 2 Episode 9 “Russian Roulette”

Madam Secretary Recap 11/29/15: Season 2 Episode 9 Russian Roulette

Tonight on CBS Madam Secretary front with an all new Sunday Nov 29, deteriorate 2 part 9 called, “Russian Roulette.” and we have your weekly summation below. On tonight’s episode, Elizabeth (Tea Leoni) prepares to broach a debate to a United Nations that blames Russia for a conflict on Air Force One.

Madam Secretary  is an American domestic play radio array combined by Barbara Hall and executive constructed by Lori McCreary and Morgan Freeman. It stars Téa Leoni as Elizabeth Adams McCord, a former CIA researcher and college highbrow who is promoted to United States Secretary of State.

On a final episode, as tensions rose with Russia, Elizabeth, Russell and Mike B. hatched a devise to reject National Security Advisor Craig Sterling yet blemish President Dalton with a scandal; during a same time, Director of National Intelligence Ephraim Ware identified who hacked Air Force One. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we have a full and notation summation right here for you.

On tonight’s part as per a CBS synopsis, “Elizabeth prepares to broach a debate to a United Nations that blames Russia for a conflict on Air Force One, yet afterwards Henry shares information that creates her severely recur this theory.”

This is really one array that we don’t wish to skip and conjunction do I. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging any part of Madam Secretary’s second season. In a meantime, sound off in a comments subsequent and let us know how we are enjoying this second season.


Tonight’s part of Madam Secretary kicked off with a trance in Russia. Maria Ostrov is mad – she video calls President Dalton, and threatens him. She shouts that Russia will not mount for this. President Dalton hints that “IF” a United States did conflict Russia, it was in response to them hacking Air Force One. Maria Ostrov scoffs that Dalton is insane, and Russia never pounded Air Force One. Elizabeth is endangered about Maria’s threats, Dalton and Jackson giggle them off – they consider that Maria Ostrov is all talk.

Elizabeth heads home and Henry is regulating cooking for a kids. Elizabeth’s son is not carrying a good night – he is shaken since his football manager is starting him tomorrow and a playoffs are on a line. He doesn’t wish to be flustered and let a whole propagandize down – he is underneath a lot of pressure. Alison jokes that Jason won’t have anything to be disturbed about – since according to a news Russia will conflict them before tomorrow’s game. The kids leave and Elizabeth and Henry start arguing over what they can and can’t contend to any other about Russia.

Henry is upset, he storms out of a residence – he visits his handler and asks her what she knows about a conflict in Russia, conjunction of them have listened from Dimitri, they don’t know if he done it out of a US. Henry tells her that a US caused a trance in Russia, they suspicion it was Russia who pounded Air Force One. Henry thinks that a President done a mistake, Dimitri sent them their whole infantry conflict skeleton – and there was zero in a skeleton about Air Force one. He thinks that a President should see a news Dimitri sent them ASAP.

Meanwhile, Maria Ostrov is not personification games – she shuts down 3 pipelines that supply 40% of Western Europe’s fuel. Now, Europe wants to mangle a fondness with a US so that they can get feul from Russia. President Dalton tells Elizabeth that it is time to retaliate, he wants to “hit Russia hard.” Elizabeth convinces him to let her speak to a United Nations initial – she thinks she competence be means to equivocate going to war, if she convinces a UN that Russia was “bullying” a US and a Ukraine. Elizabeth starts rallying a US’s allies for support – she calls Mikhail (the Ukraine President) and asks him for any justification he has on Russia’s conflict on his plane.

Elizabeth meets with her group and fills them in – she tells Matt that she needs a “speech of her life.” She is going to have to remonstrate a whole United Nations that they should all be peaceful to go to fight opposite Russia to stop their infantry over-reach and aggression.

Henry interrupts Russell Jackson while he is carrying lunch – he tells Russell that Dimitri got Russia’s whole playbook, and it didn’t discuss a Air Force One once. Russell is furious, he can’t trust that Henry is revelation him this now, while they are in a midst of going to a probable fight opposite Russia. Henry begs him to stop enchanting with Russia, yet Russell says that it is too late. He threatens Henry and tells him that if he is pity any of his intel with Elizabeth – they will both be thrown in to jail for a rest of their lives. Henry totally disobeys Russell and he goes home and tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t consider that Russia pounded Air Force One. He confesses that he got his information from his item Dimitri.

Time is circuitous down before Elizabeth’s large debate to a UN, she talks to Oscar and he confirms that it is probable that it wasn’t Russia that pounded Air Force One. Elizabeth’s group is prepping her for her speech, she breaks down and confesses to them that she consider Russia competence not be obliged for a conflict on Air Force One. Jay talks Elizabeth by a George Lasko poisoning – Matt has a theory, he thinks that China competence have pounded Air Force one and framed Russia to expand problems between US and Russia. Matt is a small unhappy yet – if he is right about China, afterwards that is going to meant that she won’t be reading a debate that he only wrote to a US.

Elizabeth calls Ambassador Chen in to her bureau right before she is set to review her debate to a United Nations – she prosaic out asks him if China is obliged for a conflict on Air Force One. Chen scoffs that it would be ridiculous for China to array Russia and a US opposite any other – they have over 20% of their nation’s income invested in both countries. Russell shows adult during Elizabeth’s office, he is furious, he knows that she is carrying cold feet about her debate to a UN. She explains to him that she wants some-more information so she can be certain – Russell orders her to get on Marine One, a President is watchful for her. A few hours after Elizabeth arrives home from work, Henry is confused, apparently she skipped out on a debate and never met with a United Nations.

The subsequent day Elizabeth heads to work – Daisy sends a day fielding phone calls from a press about Elizabeth cancelling her debate during a UN. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jay have a new speculation – they remember final month when Ukraine’s boss Mikhail Bozek was vagrant a United States to stop Russia. They consider that Bozek competence have framed Russia, and pounded his possess craft to remonstrate a US to conflict Russia. Elizabeth pays her frienemy Craig Sterling a revisit during his house, he visited Bozek right after his craft crash, Elizabeth quizzes him about a pile-up – he reveals that everybody was excellent and Bozek only had a teenager scratch on his face.

Elizabeth heads behind to a bureau where her group has been operative all night to try and find justification that Bozek framed Russia. They find out that Bozek altered his newcomer list on a craft during a final minute, and filled a craft with former Ukraine officers who all are veteran paratroopers. Nadine also found a new Ukraine officer who died of Polonium poisoning right after Lasko’s death. Elizabeth and Jay accommodate with a boss and fill him in on their findings, explanation that Bozek framed Russia and he is a genuine chairman behind a Air Force One attack.

Elizabeth and President Dalto accommodate with Bozek, he confesses that he was a law-breaker behind Air Force One, a US has already “attacked” Russia with a cyber grid and they don’t wish to have to acknowledge that they were wrong all along. They are pulling all of their infantry out of Ukraine – yet they are going to keep Bozek’s secret. Dalton threatens Bozek that if he breaths a work of it to anyone, he will send him somewhere no one will ever be means to find him.

Elizabeth heads home to check in on her family, afterwards she receives an puncture phone call from President Dalton. She rushes to a White House, Russia has done a energy pierce and they have disregarded a UN’s no fly section and are now en track to a Ukraine. President Dalton gives a infantry “permission to engage” with Russia.