Luke Bryan Likely To Take The Second American Idol Judge Seat… But No Deal Has Been Signed YET!

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The understanding is not officially finished yet, yet it’s as tighten as can be: Luke Bryan is roughly a sure-thing to be a second decider on a arriving re-boot of American Idol!!

The nation thespian hasn’t sealed his agreement yet, and so party sources don’t wish to come brazen and endorse anything, yet according to TMZ a understanding is as tighten as it can be, and a star should pointer in a entrance days.

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According to reports, even tough a sum of a agreement and his payment/perks haven’t come out yet, Luke apparently favourite a understanding adequate to prove he’s set to join up.

But even yet sources are organisation that a understanding is scarcely done… zero is finished until it’s DONE, we know?!

We’ll have to see what comes next.

For now, we can news that Lionel Richie is apparently no longer in a using to join a show, and other artists like Charlie Puth and Keith Urban are doubtful to join in that third chair — in partial since Katy Perry is autocratic SO most income ($25 million) to be a initial decider that the uncover only doesn’t have most room to compensate talent over her.

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Luke contingency have favourite what he saw, though, since he’s all yet sealed up.

Expect an central proclamation in a entrance days!!!

[Image around Johnny Louis/WENN.]

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