Loved Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone during Met Gala 2017? Get a demeanour in elementary steps

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Bollywood actresses Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra combined a stir not only with their eye-catching outfits during Met Gala 2017, though also with their highlighted make-up. Follow their character with simple tricks, advise experts.

Priyanka’s Met Gala 2017 make-up demeanour has been decoded by Elton Fernandez, central makeup artist, Maybelline New York:

* Priyanka’s skin appears to have been kept matte, roughly wholly blank highlighter, though a pleasing china lead fact on a eyelids juxtaposed by a radical brownish-red mouth done her beauty fashionable and in gripping with a thesis of a gala.

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* You can simply emanate this demeanour regulating a nudes palette. Use a china on a lids and collect a soothing brownish-red to mix into your whole crease, joining a deeper brownish-red from underneath a reduce lashes stretching adult and out into a outdoor crease.

* Use a lightest highlighter shade on a middle corners of a eyes… Lastly, swoop some mascara on, and use a loyal pleasing brownish-red to applaud your brownish-red skin.

Deepika Padukone’s Met Gala 2017 make-up demeanour decoded by L’Oréal Paris make-up experts:

* The complexion: For Deepika, reduction is some-more when it comes to nailing that ideal skin tone. Start by giving a light covering of foundation, regulating a soothing make-up brush to request a regulation as uniformly and thinly as possible, dabbing it into a skin in quick, even strokes.

Next up, supplement a hold of concealer underneath a eyes to cover any dim circles as good as around a front and a chin area.

To contour, a make-up artist defines Deepika’s jaw line, impertinence skeleton and temples with touches of powder a integrate of shades darker than Deepika’s healthy tone.

* The brows: Build full pleasing brows with a brow pencil. Use a Brow Artist Designer Genius pack to fill in a wax, afterwards use a brush to mix in a polish with a brows for a natural-looking finish

* The eyes: For a eyes, initial start by giving your lids a light powdering of bare eyeshadow. Then prominence it serve regulating a lead china eyeshadow to emanate a dulcet smokey eye look. To intensify serve use a black eyeliner to give your eyes a beautiful pointed cat eye effect.

* The lips: Finally, give a soothing hold of mauve mouth colour to change your altogether demeanour but overdoing it. A final powdering of face powder to set your demeanour in place.

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