Louis C.K. Is Doing Bits About His Sexual Misconduct Fallout Now

Louis C.K. is behind during work after spending a few months in comedy jail after an inquisitive news minute his passionate misconduct.

The Louie star had not publicly addressed a allegations given his almost apologetic minute admitting he had in fact cornered women and masturbated in front of them.

Until final week.

The comic is now behind on stage and reportedly doing pieces about a fallout from his scandal.

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Comedy news site Laughspin reports he non-stop his drop-in set final week during a West Side Comedy Club by saying:

“It’s been a uncanny year.”

He immediately addressed a elephant in a room, or rather a ones expected to travel out, as he said:

“Good to be here even yet some of we competence not like me.”

A source who saw a uncover pronounced he seemed some-more “confident” as he joked about going to “hell and back.”

He was also quoted as saying:

“I mislaid $35 million in an hour.”

We’re not certain if that’s an exaggeration, yet he really mislaid tons of work as both a comedian and a writer-director.

But to be satisfactory that hour was done adult of many, many 30-second increments built adult over several years, in that he kept creation a preference to give women a lifetime of romantic woe from being a non-consensual member in a sex act.

But sure, let’s turn to an hour.

[Image around NBC/YouTube.]