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Twenty years ago this week, when a BBC News website launched, there were fewer than 8 million people online in a UK – there are now about 60 million.

BBC News website front page from 1998

In 1997, it was a age of Tamagotchis, Minidiscs and PalmPilots.

Mobile phones during a time enclosed a Nokia 6110 and a unconventional Motorola StarTAC flip phone.

Most people used dial-up internet connectors with tip speeds of adult to 56Kbps.

On desktop, shade resolutions were flattering tiny – though they would get bigger.

Below there’s a preference of a website’s pages from 1997 to 2017, arrangement how it has developed to accommodate a changing needs of users while still charity a latest news, facilities and analysis.

Line draft arrangement expansion of BBC News online given 1997

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1997 – Rising star

BBC News Online launched in Nov 1997, following several forays on a internet, covering:

  • the Budget in 1995
  • the Olympics in 1996
  • the ubiquitous choosing in May 1997
  • the wake of Diana, Princess of Wales, in Sep 1997

CNN ‘s website was already adult and running. The Guardian was also among a early internet pioneers.

The BBC News website was usually 620 pixels far-reaching during a launch – that is somewhat some-more than half a breadth of a stream site.

1997 substantially one of a initial stories published on a news website - all about EMU

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In a initial week or so, stories published on a new website included:

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1999 – Blue to red

In Nov 1999, a site had a initial revamp. The aged blue ensign and red star was transposed with a red header some-more in line with a rest of BBC News, and a hunt duty changed to a tip of a page.

Crop of front page on 19 Oct 2000

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The website’s afterwards executive editor, Mike Smartt, explained a changes to users and betrothed “ambitious skeleton for audio and video news”.

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2001 – Terror attack

The conflict on a Twin Towers in New York in Sep 2001 repelled a world, and vast numbers incited to a BBC News website to find out a latest information.

Twin towers apprehension attacks front page

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Several years before amicable media, thousands of people emailed a website with their thoughts – including many held adult in a attacks.

For a initial time, calm from users became executive to online coverage, with constrained declare accounts and photos published in stories and in a special news on a disaster.

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2003 – Major overhaul

In 2003, a aged linear format was forsaken in foster of a wider, plane layout. The aim was to make a site easier for users to find their approach around and see some-more stories during initial glance.

Front page from Oct 2003

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2008 – Cleaning up

In 2008, a site got even wider, and for a initial time video could be played from within story pages. The universe map in a navigation was forsaken a integrate of years later.

2008 site goes to 1000 pixels wide

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2010 – Major revamp

In 2010, a website got a “fresh, updated design”, that also offering “easier ways to share stories with others”, according to a afterwards editor, Steve Herrmann.

By now, augmenting numbers of users were entrance to a news website from Facebook and Twitter.

Front page from Jul 2010

The BBC News app was launched in Jul 2010, giving users discerning entrance to all a latest headlines from opposite a universe while they were on a move.

The biggest story of a year was a UK ubiquitous election, that had a possess special news site.

Coalition gets to work story page

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2015 – Mobile friendly

In 2015, the website became “responsive” – definition a blueprint was designed to arrangement good on opposite inclination and shade sizes. By this point, about 65% of users were entrance to a news website from mobiles and tablets.

Front page from Apr 2015

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NHS tracker 1999 v 2017

The demeanour competence change, though that doesn’t meant we’re not covering a same critical issues.

Here’s a NHS opening tracker from 1999, when a supervision of a day published a new set of clinical indicators giving genocide rates in particular hospitals in England for a initial time.

NHS opening tracker 1999

With a NHS underneath rare vigour today, we still give users a possibility to inspect information on how services in their area are doing, regulating a some-more detailed, interactive tracker.

2017 NHS tracker

Slice and easy

We managed to fist in a serve redesign for 2017. News editors can change a series of stories in a full-width, plane slices, with a choice of “dialling adult a volume” during vital news events.

We can now offer a some-more visible front page. Dropping a right palm side mainstay and going full-width means video and news stories are integrated on a page.

BBC News online front page 2017

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