Local textiles saying a remarkable boom: Designer Deepika Govind

fashion industry, DESIGNERS, FASHION INDUSTRY, FASHION WORLD, Deepika Govind, Designer Deepika Govind, Fashion, FASHION TREND, DESIGNER COLLECTIONS, TEXTILES, Indian Express, Indian Express News Deepika has combined a collection with organic textiles constructed from plants fibre. (Source: File Photo)

Deepika Govind, who has over 15 years of knowledge in conform industry, says designers are now going behind to their roots and this has turn a vital source of captivate for Indian clients thereby boosting internal textiles.

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“Local textiles has seen a remarkable bang interjection to designers who are committed to going behind to their roots. Also a fact that general brands have started incorporating normal Indian work like tie and dye, bandini and prints into their collections, has also been a vital source of captivate for Indian clients,” Govind said.

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“It only done clarity to go behind to a internal textiles. In further they are ideal for a Indian continue and occasions,” she added.

The engineer has combined a collection with swap organic textiles constructed from twine extracted from succulent equipment and plants.

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She has spun a twine from bamboo, soya bean, milk, lotus, corn, banana and eri denim with a tea-tree aroma diagnosis into weaves regulating a new bio-engineering record in an bid to minister to a fast flourishing tolerable conform eco-system.

She has converted these yarns to make a plug conform with silhouettes comprising of brief dresses, tops and tunics, with investigation on a shoulders and sleeve variations.



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