Listen To This: This Love That’s In Between Us!

We need some-more of this!!!

Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of many, many celebrities — both with Puerto Rican family members and ties like Miranda, and differently — who are blustering Donald Trump over his unbelievably inapt criticisms of a mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico!

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As we reported progressing today, The Donald is shamefully criticizing San Juan’s mayor after she had a insolence to desire for a United States to save a island… and Miranda, whose father Luis changed to New York from Puerto Rico as a teenager, isn’t putting adult with Trump’s longhorn shit.

Here’s what Lin-Manuel had to contend about all of it — totally DEMOLISHING Trump and display him out to be what he unequivocally is (a bigot) progressing currently on Twitter (below):

[Image around Joseph Marzullo/Johnny Louis/WENN.]