Life in Pieces Star Giselle Eisenberg Shares a Inspiration Behind Her Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Giselle Eisenberg

Actress Giselle Eisenberg is prepared for Halloween! Like many immature women this year, a 10-year-old star is channeling Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn for a holiday, and there is a unequivocally special reason behind her dress choice.

Margot Robbie, who plays a confidant super-villain in DC Comics thriller, was Eisenberg’s initial on-screen film mom in a award-winning film Wolf on Wall Street, in that a immature singer done her big-screen entrance as Robbie’s and Leonardo DiCaprio’s daughter during only 5-years-old. And it’s no warn that a renowned singer left a durability sense on Eisenberg in many ways, so she wanted to respect that with her dress this year.

“I had a lot of film and TV moms though Margot Robbie was my initial mom in a Wolf on Wall Street and we unequivocally desired her,” Eisenberg told PeopleStyle. “She plays Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, and we wish to grow adult to be like her so we suspicion carrying a Halloween dress like hers is step one.”

Giselle Eisenberg

The rising star done certain to get each fact of a demeanour perfect, from a ripped-up ball tee to a splendid red and blue spandex. She even coloured her pigtails with red and blue paint and smeared relating colorful eyeshadow over her eyes to get into character.

Giselle Eisenberg

But it was a drawn-on tattoos that took a many time to create. The star suggested that her ink alone took 45 mins for. “I consider a tattoos are what takes a longest,” she shared, adding, “Some of them seem upside down since a impression drew them on herself, so we done certain cave were similar.”

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Luckily, Eisenberg has a day off from filming her family comedy, Life in Pieces, so she can strike a trick-or-treating circuit with her friends.

“Me and a organisation of 3 friends are going to go out pretence or treating together and we’re going as a organisation of villains,” she said. “My crony Jessica is going as a Queen of Hearts and my crony Tessa is going as an immorality clown.”

Giselle Eisenberg

For past Halloweens, a immature singer has channeled other absolute and free-spirited womanlike characters including Elsa from Disney’s Frozen and Merida from Disney’s Brave. 

Giselle Eisenberg

Giselle Eisenberg

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When Eisenberg isn’t sauce adult as her favorite on-screen idols, she stars as Sophie Hughes in a CBS strike comedy Life in Pieces alongside James Brolin and Zoe Lister-Jones. “I unequivocally adore personification Sofia Hughes,” she shares. “We got to appreciate Justin [Adler] for formulating her since she’s unequivocally smart. She infrequently knows some-more than everybody and we consider personification her is a genuine treat. She is kind of a difficult character, though we adore her.”

Catch Giselle Eisenberg on a deteriorate 3 premiere of Life in Pieces this Thursday, Nov 2nd, 9:30 PM EST!

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