Les Moonves Lays Out CBS’ Top Priority; Talks ‘Idol’ Offer and That Trump Comment

The CBS Corp. authority and CEO explains how his flagship net now gets reduction than half of a income from advertising, says ‘Idol’ economics make “no sense.”

Leslie Moonves done it extravagantly transparent because promote networks are now shopping scarcely exclusively from sister studios: tenure has surpassed promotion as a biggest income driver.

“For a initial time, reduction than 50 percent of a income is advertising,” Moonves announced to a tiny room of press during his annual upfronts breakfast. “About 5 years ago, it was somewhere in a 70 percent range. The behind finish is now value some-more than a front end.”

CBS is not a personality in a straight formation narrative, owning or co-owning 6 of a 9 new orders this year, yet it is strictly a priority for Moonves. The charismatic authority and CEO of CBS Corp., pulling double avocation Wednesday a.m. with party boss Glenn Geller on medical leave, also took a morning to hype adult his network’s repute for fortitude and slow standing as TV’s most-watched.

“Sixty percent of a assembly still watches live,” he reminded reporters, inventory off a “most-watched” stats that his many shows hold. “We had a most-watched new play this deteriorate and it ain’t This Is Us,” combined scheduling topper Kelly Kahl, “It’s Bull.” (Kahl also forked out that over a final 20 years, CBS has had usually dual shows in Tuesday’s 8 o’clock time container — NCIS and JAG. ABC, on a other hand, has had 50.)

Moonves’ spiel and QA ran utterly a gamut, and one of a several highlights was his take on a stream reboot culture. While observant that CBS does have MacGyver and Star Trek, that don’t underline strange casts, he wrote off a revivals of some past sitcoms touted during other networks this week as gimmick.

“Some of these things are trick,” pronounced Moonves, observant that they are some-more curiosity than trend. “The Will Grace pilot, we understand, is utterly good. The Roseanne thing is a stunt…. It’s a crafty idea. we consider people will balance in for it.”

He also voiced confidence for a destiny for The Big Bang Theory over a stream two-season renewal, revelation a room that he and Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara indeed met with a expel before negotiations to make certain everybody was “happy.” When pulpy on a odds of a No. 1 promote uncover going on over a 12th season, he had this to say: “In my book, Everybody Loves Raymond sealed down 3 years too early. You wish to leave on top, yet we also don’t wish to leave with income on a table.”

There was small speak of Stephen Colbert’s ratings resurgence, yet Moonves did demonstrate his pleasure with The Late Show and morning reflection CBS This Morning. When doubt eventually incited to American Idol, Moonves reliable that CBS was approached yet never unequivocally in a brew like Fox, NBC and, ultimately, ABC.

“We were offering American Idol,” he said. “The cost is so expensive, we need a 35 share to mangle even. I’m not perplexing to hit ABC. The economics done no clarity for us, and for them it did.”

More than a year after his now barbarous remarks that Donald Trump “may not be good for America, yet it’s damn good for CBS,” Moonves sighed when he was asked how he felt about a boss and what he does for a radio business: “Has Donald Trump been good for CBS? Well, a lot some-more people are examination CBS News and late-night radio is doing well…. we am not going to make a foolish matter like we did a year ago, that we suspicion people would take as a joke.”